Week 29, February 12, 2014


Let me preface this post with I am on Benedryl, so excuse my weirdness. I have been sick this past week, so sick in fact, that I had to stay home with Sorella Brown, who was also sick, for half of Friday and half of Saturday. We both had fevers and sinus infections and the cough, it was real fun. We watched all the movies we own, in Italiano and English, took notes, studied, and organized our area books. Even when you are sick, you are discouraged from wasting time on frivolous things, like sleep. So we just chilled out and tried to work hard. But the reason I am on Benedryl right now is because yesterday, my ears were bothering me. So I called the mission nurse and she told me I need to pop allergy meds until they stop hurting.  She is worried that it might turn into an ear infection. I am pretty drowsy today. But we will continue to fight this.  No worries. :)

Even with being sick this week, we worked HARD. We taught 13 lessons. We are so close to baptism with a couple of investigators, they just need to make lifestyle changes.  Then they will be ready, which will take time, I acknowledge. It is so exciting to see them so close though.  Also, the young family we are teaching is getting close too. They have a thirst for this gospel, and are devouring the book of Mormon. It is so exciting to see the change already in them. They love it!

The other family that we started teaching last week is progressing.  We found another family this past weekend, so we are teaching 3 families!  We are in the business of completing families, I guess!  The family we found this past week has an 11 year old boy who LOVES the book of Mormon. He told us when we taught them, “I love this, I believe this. It makes sense!” It was so exciting to see his example for his parents. What a kid!  It is exciting to be so busy with so many great people who are beginning to discover the JOY of the gospel.

There have been other miracles too. We have been teaching people on the trains, too. We found a 17 year old boy who is ELECT. We gave him a book of Mormon, and he is meeting with the elders in Lugano now, where he lives.

These are the Anziani in Lugano! Grimaldi is from the south of Italy and Osmotherly is from Australia!! They are the BOMB. They are teaching that boy we found on the train. Yay for teamwork! 
Tonight we will teach a woman who we found on the bus. It is exciting to see all these doors opening.  It is exciting to be so busy with so many great people who are anxious to know more. 

All in all, this week I have learned to RELY on the spirit; because without it, we are nothing. We are literally just two twenty year old girls with nametags.  But when we are obedient and trust in that Spirit, we can teach with His power, and THAT is what touches the hearts of the
people we meet.  Also I am learning to let Him guide me. In every decision, in which bus we take, in what seat we sit at, in tutto. Because NOTHING is a coincidence sometimes you cannot find
another empty seat on PURPOSE.   With that, it is important for us to learn to recognize the spirit, in whatever way it touches us. In order to be able to do that, we need to live in  accordance with God's laws, so we can be worthy of it. When we are obedient and looking
for it, we will find it. 

It was my comps year mark this last week! So I got her a white chocolate bar, her favorite and wrote ' You are so old, your hair is white!!! Happy year mark!' and danced for her and sang 'Happy Anniversary' from the Haunted Mansion movie.  She loved it. I think I am funny, but really I am just strange.
Transfers are next week...please bless that we stay here together. I LOVE Clawson, we are doing great things, and I don’t want to pack.  Pray for me!!!!

In all seriousness, thank you for your prayers and your love. I feel it every single day!!!  And I am sending it back tenfold. I love you all. Have a wonderful week! Happy Valentine’s day!!!!

Vi voglio bene!!!!

Mischief Managed
--Sorella Kynia 

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