Week 28, February 5, 2014


Funny stuff from this week!

Sorella Brown was cooking and the pot caught on fire. I walked in and start singing Alicia Keys' THIS POT IS ON FIIIRRRREEEEEE. Haha we laughed for hours. A little secular humor!

Later on Sorella Clawson goes to the freezer, opens it.  Without even looking up, I say, there’s no gelato in there, we ate it all.  She wails, “NOOOOO! Why do bad things happen to good people???!”  I love her!

That's what I love about Clawson, she always keeps me laughing. We get along wonderfully.  I am SO blessed to have her. I hope I get to keep her for another transfer. :)
This week there was a miracle with Linkin Park.  It was a rough day all three of our lessons got bidoned (bailed on by appointments) before noon. So we were out looking for an investigator who has been avoiding us. Picture this, we are trekking up a mountain, in the pouring rain, after being bailed on so many times, in the pouring rain, socks squishing and nose running, trekking up a mountain, uphill both ways. And we walk by a garage, and whose beautiful voice do I hear wafting through the windows???! Chester! It was 'Numb' playing. I made eye contact with
my Collega and we just smiled at each other real sly like. She knows how much I love Linkin Park. :) It was a nice moment. Ironically enough, it is moments like this that just reaffirm my testimony of that our Padre Celeste is AWARE of us individually and constantly. He is just waiting to bless us, in His own time, and in His own way. As we align our will with His, and strive to be obedient to the things He has asked of us, we will see the blessings, even if it's just a few bars of your favorite band.

Yesterday, after a day of getting bidoned so many times before noon, we were a bit discouraged. Then we get a call from the Anziani. They wanted to see if we could go and teach a family.  We had time, obviously, so we went to teach them. It was INCREDIBLE. They are a young family, 25, 24 and 4. They are HUNGRY to know the truth. We taught a POWERFUL lesson on the  restoration and the book of Mormon. We bore STRONG testimony. After, Clawson told me, “Carter, I love watching you teach. It’s like watching a district video. When you were bearing
your testimony, he looked like he wanted to cry!” I was definitely grateful for the Spirit in putting words in my mouth, because we all know that I get really nervous for first impressions. But it was incredible.  We will teach them again next Tuesday. We told them that if they seek with real intent, they will find what they are looking for. It is so exciting!
Also, we have another family, a mom, father, and two daughters, 12, and 10, that we found tracting on Sunday night. All the femine are interested, but not the dad. Yet! We will see them all again on Friday. The ward is finally getting excited for missionary work! They have come together to help our investigator that wants to get baptized and her boyfriend!  Last night, they took them a gas heater for their house. And we are hoping to arrange a wedding here soon, if you catch my drift.  All in all, it's been a great week. Because we have a total of five new investigators and it's only Wednesday. This is a testimony to me of the power of fasting and prayer and also, obedience always obedience. It brings miracles.

But for other adventures, our oven broke. I made a cake and it was disgusting because it couldn’t finish cooking. So, instead, we refrigerated it and cooked it cupful by cupful in the microwave over a period of days, like 'cake in a mug.' Best idea ever! This is why we love Clawson. 
Also, my pancakes were GREAT. Thought you'd like to know. Mmmm. America. 
I found a can with 'happiness' written. I thought it was fitting.  Also, I found vanilla coke in Switzerland. I smuggled that across the border for sure.
All in all, not a bad week. We are making progress! There is a lot of work to do. So, we put our shoulders to the wheel and andiamo avanti!!! Thank you for all of your prayers for me, my comp, and the people here. We feel it. There is work to do, eh?? Hurrah for Israel!!!

I love you all. :) xoxoxo may God bless you always.

Mischief Managed
--Sorella Kynia

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