Week 27, January 29, 2014


This week I had my 6 month mark.  This is how I spent that monumental day: tracting! And at the end, I made my comp come with me to a gas station to get a Kinder Sorpresa egg. We were kind of worried that we might be in trouble for going into a gas station, because technically it wasn’t “missionary work.”  So, I gave the guy at the counter a pass along card, so I feel like its okay. We can have fun sometimes in missionary work, right??!) But anyways the egg (that said 'Auguri' on the outside which means congratulations) had this little guy in it, which is PROOF that God has a sense of humor. It’s a chinchilla, which Sorella Baer decided is my power animal, so that's hysterical. Also, our faces look the same. But it's not just that! It’s also a stamp. A THUMBS UP STAMP. So you can expect I'll be 'liking' some letters coming your way!!!  All in all, not a bad six month mark day. Here’s to many more adventures in the future!!!! :)
It’s been a strange week. Full of emotions, full of finding work, full of rain and cold'ness.  There haven’t been any new and wonderful adventures.  Kind of a boring week actually.  An update on the woman I talked about last week that wants to be baptized but needs to find a job and
move out of her boyfriend’s apartment.  She still hasn’t found work.  She is sort of stuck. But, we continue to teach her. We are working with her on feeling and recognizing the spirit, and at our last lesson, we could all feel it so strongly. It is exciting to witness firsthand the gospel taking flight in these people’s lives.  Other than that, we are searching night and day to find those people who are ready for the gospel and that are ready to work hard to receive a testimony. So, that means a LOT of finding work. I can’t believe there are still doors we haven’t knocked... haha! 

But overall, a great week!  We are staying busy and working hard, and the Lord is blessing us. Maybe not in investigators or baptismal dates, but in other ways like a wonderful ward mission leader, who is helping us get the ward pumped about missionary work, a tender moment with a less active in a lesson about the Atonement... and many other tender mercies that we can see in ogni momento in every moment.  I am grateful. I am grateful for this opportunity even though it is HARD. I am grateful. Because I am learning so much and because I struggle so much, I enjoy the tender moments so much more. That keeps me going because they are always there, when
we remember to look.

This week I realized something.  This mantle of being a missionary is EARNED. That's why I didn’t feel too different when I got set apart. This is because if we were just automatically a Christ-like missionary, it wouldn’t require any effort on our part. This is why obedience and faithfulness is so important. Because BECOMING a missionary is a process. It is not just putting on the tag every day; it is changing your heart. So, it's gonna be hard. You are gonna struggle. You are gonna suffer. You are gonna grow. And you are gonna be a better person for it!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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