Week 26, January 22, 2014


Here is some funny stuff from this week:

So... the Italian word for 'discouraged' is scoraggiare. Scoreggiare means 'to pass gas'. Just imagine how epic my testimony was this week, so epic in fact, that they may have laughed from joy...Oh boy!

Also, after teaching a lesson, we walked down from the complex, and the investigator opens up the window from the third story and says, “Sorella Clawson! You forgot your umbrella!” And she throws it out the window! And it broke. But good thing Clawson has Justin Bieber duct tape! We are just all sorts of classy up in here!!!

There is a castle for Havyn! Tell her to come live here quick!!! Her castle is empty!!

This is our post office, probably the most bellissima post office in the world. This is the outside of the Duomo. Peace.

I saw Anziani Cardullo and Pugsley today walking around Como for P-day!! So fun to see them! They were from my zone in the MTC. I have MISSED THEM.

This is the view from our back porch. I am tempted to Parkour like Aladdin every single day.

Here is the view from our front balcony. So cute and Italian, no?

From today, a duck got too close….

We have a few really great investigators.  The first is a woman and she came to church on Sunday, and brought her boyfriend, who started meeting with the Anziani, and her friend. We had a lesson in gospel principles about missionary work.   Her friend loved church, and we are beginning to teach her now. She is incredible, also. But there is a bit of language barrier, because she speaks French and only a little Italian. We are trying to find someone who speaks French.

Tuesday, we walk in to teach another investigator and she says, 'Sisters, I want to be baptized.' and I cried.  Now, the ward is involved in finding her work and housing, because she lives with her boyfriend and can’t be baptized until she moves out.  I am hoping this will work out. We may have a baptism here soon, and that is a miracle to me. 

One of my first weeks in Como, I was doing calls out of the area book, and I came across a name that I felt connected to in particular. I called her, and she said her mom was too sick, she couldn’t meet.  The next day later, while tracting, we ran a woman with the same name, who talked of her sick mom and asked us to pray for her. It connected in my mind that this was the person I had called the day before. We expressed love and concern and told her we'd stop by. Over these weeks, we have stopped by, but she has never wanted to listen to us.  We have backed off and let her be for two weeks. Last night, we received a referral from the other sister missionaries from a woman they met on the bus, who they had a short lesson with and she asked them to give us her number and to meet again.  This was this woman, the one and the same. I called her last night and we will meet with her Friday morning.  It fills my heart with joy that it could finally be her time. I am so incredibly grateful and humble for this opportunity to teach her and bring her this gospel that I KNOW will bring her the peace that I can feel she is looking for.  This was the biggest miracle of them all this week.

In this mantle as a missionary, I feel a DEEP love for these people, who I have just only met. In that I feel HAPPY when they listen, and DEVASTATED when they don’t read the book of Mormon like they said they would. It is a unique opportunity we have to FEEL and to LOVE these people as Christ would, and it motivates us to be our very best for THEM. We try to serve them, to help them, as Christ would.

It is my testimony that God will bless us as we are faithful. And as we continue to grow our faith and strive to be better each day, we will see the miracles follow, because He is bound by promise to bless us. And He NEVER breaks His promises. And He NEVER leaves us da solo. 

Sending my love and prayers to everyone.   Here is my selfie for this week.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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