Week 25, January 15, 2014


This is strange... some weeks I have time for everything I need to do, and other weeks, I don’t. I guess this week just wasn’t that exciting.

Except, we did see this man dressed from HEAD TO TOE in cheetah print. Seriously! Like a fur Russian style hat, scarf, a fur coat, a pant suit in cheetah print, and cheetah print shoes.  He was sitting on the bus like a BOSS. It was one of those moments when I wish I had a phone so I could take a picture.  I hope I see him again. I will give him a pass along card.

Life has just been pretty easygoing this past week. I mean, we are working hard, but no drama or crazy happenings, just the normal Italiano day. My Italiano is improving thanks to Sorella Bringhas, she is the new sorella in my apartment she is a native. She is an ANGEL by the way. Seriously us four have just like the best time together. And my comp is seriously great. It is just great right now.

Here is a picture of her.  She made me steak and purple potatoes.

But, I must admit that the mission is really hard.  It's those days when you have all this planned and you work so hard, and it all falls through, or they all bail on you, or it rains all day and you're soaking wet, or hungry, or just a little grumpy. And you do finding work with no results. It is HARD. It is hard to keep going when you feel like you aren’t making a difference. When you feel like knocking door to door is a waste of your time because everyone is yelling and you and  threatening to call the cops.  But it is in those moments, when I start to get down, a miracle  happens. EVERY SINGLE TIME! And I remember how blessed I am and that keeps me going.  I am trying to remember that all the time though, especially in the moment I get down. Because, the mission is incredibly hard! And certain aspects of the mission don’t get any easier.  I mean, my companion is great and we are BOMB teachers, but it's a hard city and so the work is hard. I hope this is making sense.  I don’t want it to sound like I am complaining about the mish, but I am just admitting that, yeah, this is a hard thing we do. And I wonder all the time that if the  Italiani knew this, if they knew what we had to sacrifice to be here, they would listen. So many people just assume that we are getting paid or that we only do this when we don’t have work or school, but NO. In fact, we had to pay and this IS our life now. And especially when we tell them we can only communicate with our family once a week through EMAIL, then they start to listen. And let me tell you, it is such a relief when someone just LISTENS. Isn’t that funny? Things we take for granted before the mish are just so golden now. Pictures from the littles, skyping, someone listening to you, snail mail.... it is all incredibly precious to me now. These things are so so dear and important to my heart. Isn’t that funny? The mission is so hard, because it sorts out your priorities and you grow exponentially in such a short amount of time.  This is hard, but I can do it. I have made it through some hard stuff so far, I can make it through the next year. Then when I get home, I can sleep, and then I can see you and hug you and the littles and party with my family!!!!  But until then…back to the wheel.

Here is my selfie from today.  My hair is growing so fast!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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