Week 23, January 1st, 2014


Buon Anno everyone!
This is our New Years Eve! We roasted s’mores over our stove. It was my idea. We made butterbeer, Sorella Brown’s idea, it was yummy. We are party ANIMALS! There’s more...people were literally throwing their refrigerators out of their windows at midnight.  Why, you say?  Well, apparently they really believe out with the old in with the new.  The local appliance store will be going nuts with new refrigerator sales today!

This morning to celebrate the New Year, we got invited to a member’s house.  He is a pastry chef by trade.  He made us the yummiest, thickest, most delicious pancakes ever, with maple syrup to top it off. This meal was a delicacy because they don’t have either of these things here. We have had pancakes 2 holidays in a row.  So blessed!

We had a district meeting yesterday and I got the last of my Christmas presents.  Here I am modeling them, with a little addition!  Can you spot it?
And finally….pics of my apartment! My mom has been bugging me for a few weeks for these.  This is my messy bed and desk. See that thing under the window? That’s the heater. It is how they heat their apartments in Italia. It is so warm. I like to sit up against it in the morning and it feels SO good on my back.  Our kitchen is the cutest, no?

This week, not much happened. Everyone in our district is sick.  I have woken up with a swollen throat the past 3 nights. My comp is snoring because she is sick, so basically... it’s rough over here. And, to top it all off, it’s pretty cold!

To make matters worse, we have gotten bailed on a ton this past week with appointments. You know what that means! Finding work! So our days have been filled with tracting, all day, in the freezing cold and pouring rain. It’s always an adventure!

No new investigators this week... but we are really trying to encourage this one couple to move forward. They are the most ready out of everyone in our pool, and they LOVE our message. It is just super hard for them to come to church, because of their work schedules. This week our ward changes to 2 pm, so hopefully that will help. We will see.

In somma, this is hard. It’s even harder when you tract all day because the time just draaaaaaaags. But I am learning to keep a positive attitude... through the sunshine and rain. Literally!

As always, A HUGE THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. I feel your prayers on my behalf and I thank you for them. May this New Year bring you all you deserve and more. I love you all! Vi voglio tanto bene!!!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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