Week 22, December 25th


Happy Christmas from Como! 

The ward had a Christmas party on the 21st.  The primary did an amazing nativity that we helped build and design the set for. It was beautiful and we had a bunch of nonmembers come. The Spirit was so strong. We have a great ward here in Como!!!
The week before I left the MTC, my mom sent me a package.  Inside of it was a Christmas present in one of those Ziploc bags that you suck all of the air out of.  That bag that was squished thinner then a book of Mormon has been my companion ever since.  So many times, I picked it up and thought that my mom would never know if I opened it, but then I would put it down.  Somehow I knew that it would make Christmas Eve more special if I waited.  It was part of our family Christmas Eve tradition to open a gift and most of the time it would be some kind of pajamas.  So, I waited and opened it up on Christmas Eve.  Sure enough, it was pajamas.  Wonderful cozy pajamas!  It was worth it to wait.  In fact, my comps and I opened up all of our gifts on Christmas Eve because we had a breakfast appointment and didn’t want to rush the morning. 

We also put all of our mattresses in the study room and had a huge sleepover!  It was a blast.  We didn’t sleep very much, I blame in on Sorella Baer’s ukulele. 
This is our Christmas tree. It is my one creative moment for the year. I made it out of a hanger and all of the ornaments that my mom sent me with everyone’s pictures on them.  I'm gonna be that type of person that just keeps it up for the entire year.... missions make you tacky, what can I say?
Santa came!!! in my closet...

On Christmas morning we went to a members home and had real American pancakes.  It was so great!  For the mid-day meal we went to one of the new convert’s home.  There was so much food; I didn’t think I would eat again for a week.

Then I got to skype with my family.  It was so fun to get to talk to all of them.  My family is a little crazy and I miss them!

For Christmas, our mission president said we could watch one Disney movie.  When we got home from talking to our families, I snuggled up in the big study room and watched the Re Leone (the Lion King). It made me miss my little sisters terribly, but it was still nice to just veg for a bit.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Here is a selfie of me in my cool new pajamas! 
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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