Week 21, December 18th


First thing I want to say about this week is that when we went to the mall today Bon Jovi was playing!  My dad would be so jealous!

I did a scambio with Sorella Vardeu. Who is from Rome, doesn’t speak English, and we stayed here in Como.  This meant that I was in charge of the buses, etc. getting us from place to place  It was stressful and all in Italian, too. I did it though. Being with her this past week, has helped my self-confidence in the language because I personally don’t feel like I can speak it well.  She reassured me that I am speaking very well. She left sweet little notes on my bathroom mirror, telling me how grateful she was for me and my example etc. It was a great day for me, and I saw tremendous growth in myself.
We had a baptism this week.  It was a 12 year old boy.  He was baptized by his father who is also a recent convert.  They were waiting for permission from his biological mother for the boy to be baptized. She kept saying no over and over and over. We held a special fast two weeks ago. Two days after the fast she said that she had changed her mind and he could be baptized.  It was a miracle.
The dad is finalizing his divorce from his ex-wife and has been dating this lady for a couple of years.  Her and her daughter are members and introduced the father to the gospel.  Last week we were teaching them about eternal families and I told them my family’s story.  The Spirito was so strong. The lady says, 'Carter, we have been waiting for you. Where have you been?' It was wonderful to meet someone that was prepared for something that only I could share.  It was amazing to be a part of this sweet boy’s baptism and to witness firsthand the miracles in their family so far.  I have no doubt that this family will be sealed in the temple someday.  I can’t wait for them!
This is the Duomo here in Como, all decked out for Christmas. :) It looks like Cinderella’s castle. It is GORGEOUS.
I am doing really good, but I am not gonna lie, some days when you do finding work for 7 hours straight in the cold, and you’re tired and hungry, it is HARD to keep a positive attitude. At night, it is so frustrating to have to record our numbers as zeroes. I just pray so hard, Padre Celeste, I am doing my best here, I am working so hard please help us find the people in Como that are ready to hear the gospel.  Then I read in Luke 5 the other day, verses 4 to 7, and 10. He's telling me to LAUNCH myself into the deep and 'nevertheless, at His word', I can do it and I should 'fear not, for now I will catch men!' (Don’t freak out Dad, men as in investigators... not actually men. although I did hold hands with an old man this last week because my hands were cold and he wouldn’t let me go. It was a little awkward.) But I digress, I can do it, with His help.  I believe that He is preparing people, in His own timing. I know that I have got to be patient and trust Him.

I miss you all back home.  But, I am trying to enjoy my Italian family that I have found here, Never to replace you all, but simply to have new experiences. I am enjoying my time here, and the culture that surrounds me. I am blessed to live with the strong spirits that I do, and to have the Anziani that we do. Como is amazing, and so beautiful. 

Here is my selfie for this week.  Last P-day I found this cute sweater in a thrift shop! “I wear your grandma’s clothes....”
It’s Christmastime!  I am happy, I am blessed.  I still miss you all, but this is the place where I am supposed to be and I feel that now.  I love you all and I send a huge BUON NATALE from Italy. I am so incredibly blessed to have you all in my life.  I thank you endlessly for your love and support that I feel EVERY DAY here on the mission. Sometimes I feel lonely, but in those moments, I just picture the faces on those sweet ornaments and I remember all the earthly angels that are helping to bear me up. I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas.  Che Dio vi benedir√† per sempre. May God bless you always. Be good, be safe, and famiglia mia, I will see you next week.
vi voglio tantissimo bene!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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