Week 19, December 4th


My new companion is Sorella Carter.  She is a little shy and has a heart of gold.  We will get along wonderfully.  In fact, right after we switched companions at Milano Centrale, we went to Burger King for lunch, it was fun.  My comps tights kept falling down.  Italia doesn’t believe in public bathrooms, so we snuck behind a vending machine in the corner for her to just take them off and switch socks. I am trying to cover her while she does this.  I see this family sitting there, watching awkwardly. Finally, they say, “Would you like a chair? It’s easier with a chair.”  Easily one of the most awkward moments for both of us, but we bonded instantly over it.

We live with 2 other girls. They are Sorelle brown, who is 24 and a NERD like me. We are soul sisters. Sorella Baer, who is the most down to earth, amazing, incredibly strong person I have ever met. I am truly being friends for life with her. I adore her. All in all, they have welcomed me with open arms.  I love living with these 3 girls.  I am learning so much, and having so much fun and working hard.
I got home to Como with a present and notes on my desk, welcoming me. It is SO nice to finally have a home. I have UNPACKED my suitcases!
My first day here in Como my comp’s wallet was stolen.  That was such a nightmare!  We went to the police station and the police officer serenaded us.  It was the only bright spot in the day.

Also, there aren’t bikes here in Como.  Yay for public transportation!

Here is the gang on Centro.  Sorry it is REMARKABLY sunny today so we are squinting.  Today we have just been bouncing around Como. I had to buy a warmer coat, and some warmer tights, and gloves, etc. then we went into a bookstore that was a beautiful experience to say the least.  Today has just been fun. Como is a beautiful place.

Even though it’s beautiful, Como is a hard city. We have two investigators who are solid and nearly ready. The other day, we spent 7 hours tracting with no fruits. It’s very disappointing and the people don’t even try to be nice. But we move forward.

At my first district meeting, the Anziano were like “Quick! What’s your favorite animal? Choose wisely.”  I told them the T-Rex, and thus it was born.  I am Sorella T-Rex.  I don’t complain.
I have a home. It is beautiful. I have a wonderful new family!

Apparently my ex companion told everyone that I went home. So when people from my Vercelli district saw me at transfers, they were surprised.  Yup I am still alive and kicking and I will continue, dang it.

Here is my selfie for today.  Me and focaccia bread and a pastry full of Nutella, my thanksgiving feast.  Yum!

Mosiah 7:33 tells us to turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart and to put our trust in Him, and serve Him with all diligence of mind, then according to His will and plan, He will deliver us out of bondage.  I have seen this come to life in the last few weeks. As I have turned wholeheartedly to the Lord, putting my full trust in Him, and continued in exact obedience and WORK, I have seen His hand in these adventures I have had. Even though sometimes it isn’t according to my plan, it is perfect. He knows what He is doing. I know that as long as we are doing our part, He WILL take care of us.

Now I am beginning to see that Como is where I am supposed to be. Everything has happened to me for a reason, and the puzzle pieces are fitting together and I am finding myself stronger as a person, and stronger as a servant of the Lord. It is exciting. I will continue to move forward, with COURAGE.

Como is such a blessing. These girls I am with are such a blessing.  The prayers and support of all of you back home, is such a blessing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support. May God bless you always.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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