Week 17, November 20th


This week has been really busy, but also really hard.  I am struggling with feelings of anger and resentment toward my old companion, how she got to stay in Vercelli, and I did not. I feel like a burden on my new comps because our place is so small that literally there is not room for a third person. They have to adapt everything to me, it’s very sad. I am having a hard time getting used to Milano.  This city is big and loud and busy.  We ride busses everywhere.  I am so glad I have my comps because if not, I would get lost all the time.  There are lots of new people to meet and lots of change. It’s been hard for me to adjust to all of it, when my heart is still in Vercelli. I am learning to just pray to God and give Him all my problems, and just trust in Him that He has a plan for me, however frustrating it may be at this moment in time.

My comps are AMAZING. Veramente. I am so blessed to be with them. They are exciting and willing to work, and best of all, they LOVE their investigators. The amount of charity they have is so wonderful to see and be a part of. They are such sweet girls. I truly am blessed to be able to learn from them. As hard as this week has been, I have progressed so much. I have progressed in the language more this week than ever before. I have also progressed in my ability as a teacher, and a missionary.
We have so many amazing investigators.  We had a baptism on Saturday; it was in a real life font.  It was a woman who is 20 and SO elect. I sat by her mom during the service, and as her daughter came out of the water, she turned to me and says, I want to be baptized too.  We have been teaching her and it looks like she might just follow her daughter in the waters of baptism.  This younger generation is so elect.  This is the future of the church. 
We are teaching a couple right now who are so ready for baptism.  They just have to make a decision to get married, or stop living together and then that can happen. 

This is my new district and our ward mission leader, who is really small. Don’t let that fool you, he has SO much energy. Also, this is our apartment, and stuff.

I want to share something hysterical that happened yesterday during ward council.
Elder Duclos: I am the only teenager in this room.
Me: wow. How does it feel?
Duclos: I feel like Samuel, the boy prophet.
Our district leader, Anziano Richardson: well, I feel like Samson, the man warrior.
Hahahaha. Yeah, I am going to fit right in.  Don’t you even worry about me :)

I read in Isaiah yesterday in chapter 49.18, I think, where it says 'lift up your eyes and behold the people round about you'... I will get you the actual reference next week... but I just want to tell you that when I read that, I was HIT with an epiphany. I have SO many people rooting for me, supporting me, and praying for me.  I need to remember that when I feel so utterly alone and hopeless. I would just like to thank you all for that. Because to me, THAT is a testament of God’s love for me. I am so grateful that He would send earthly angels into my life, to take care of me, even when I am half way around the world.

So, thank you. Con tutto il mio cuore. From the bottom of my heart and beyond, thank you. There aren’t enough words in English or Italiano, for that matter, to adequately express how grateful I am for all of you. 

Be good, be safe, say your prayers, and I will talk to you next week.
I love you all. Vi voglio TANTISSIMO bene.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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