Week 15, November 6th


For our English class this week, we wanted to teach them all about Halloween.  They don’t really celebrate it here. They don’t have pumpkins here, so we carved peppers instead.  I carved 2 of them, one traditional jack-o-lantern style and another like Jack Skellington.   I made decorations.  We dressed up like a pair of dice.  We made traditional American sugar cookies and frosting.  We taught them how to decorate them.  They got a kick out of the soft American cookies and the frosting that they thought was way too sweet.  They don’t really have frosting here and cookies here are hard, like gingersnaps, or crackers.  We also got out the American candy that we had been saving for a special occasion.  I have a beautiful video of one of them trying nerds for the first time, and pulling a face because it is SO sweet. We told them about Spook Alleys, Cornmazes, Haunted Houses, Trick or Treating and carving pumpkins. 

On Halloween night, the bishop took us out to eat. This is a pic of my plate. On fork to the left that’s octopus, fish, shrimp with sauce, mussel, more octopus, and a potato, raw hamburger, and fried squid.  You might think, yucky, right?  But do you know what?  It was all so delicious!  I had a second, or third, helping of all of this. The octopus tasted like tuna. It was so good, and an adventure.   At the restaurant they gave us a Bacio, an Italian kiss.  I ate it for you.  It was good. Not only was it like twice the size of an American kiss, it was like a billion times as better. Put that on your list of things to try when we come here!

One night, we came out of the church and someone had left their name and number on my bicycle.  My companion called the number and it was a man that wanted to meet with us.  We met with him, I know, it was a little sketchy.  I suggested that we have the Anziano meet with us.  We taught him a lesson, it went well.  We challenged him to get baptized and he accepted.  Later on that night, my companion called him to set up another meeting and he asked her out.  She stuttered and stammered and ended up hanging up on him.  Awkward!  I think the Anziano will be teaching him from now on…. 

Here is my selfie for the week.  Yes, I am a little sad in this picture.  My companion has not been the best to work with.  Pray for me that things will change.  It is not getting any easier, but I am getting stronger.  All I know is that, I will continue to be obedient. It is hard to see the blessings at 6:30 every morning, but I feel them throughout the day and that sustains me.  I know it is paying off, because people tell me that I am learning Italiano very fast.  I still wish I was fluent by now, but they tell me that I am doing great, so I will persevere.
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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