Week 14, October 30th


I have had many people ask me about what a typical day is like for me in Vercelli.

I get up at 6.30am and go to bed at 10.30pm. I  fall asleep around 11 or 12, usually. It is the same schedule as the mtc, and yes, I try to be as strict with it. Exact obedience brings miracles! Unfortunately, my comp sleeps in most days... so we haven’t been doing the training program for greenies, but its okay, because I have been getting extra personal study, which is fine. Isaiah is the MAN!"!!!!

Tuesday and Thursday, we have English class that we teach, so we go back at the church around 6, and we have meetings after class, so we are there for the rest of the night.  On other days, we try to have lessons, because if we don’t, it’s finding work and finding work isn’t very fun, to be honest. People on the street are always in a hurry, and sometimes they can be quite rude. But I don’t speak Italian yet, so at least I don’t know what they’re yelling at me! ;)

We are home by 9 every night. We plan for the next day and fill out the area book. From 9.30 to 10.30 we have an hour for personal time. This is usually when I eat something, because we are not scheduled time for dinner in the Italian Milano mission because it is PRIME finding time, so I usually eat a little something, write in my journal, play the guitar, read Jesus the Christ, and crash. :)

Not too terribly exciting, but there you have it. Rinse, dry, and repeat the next day.

Last P-Day was great, we went to a piano concerto here in Vercelli, with some INTENSE piano by an Asian and a Russian. WHOA. It was seriously so fulfilling. I love music. Veramente.
Now to talk my comp into going to a Linkin Park concert.... ;)

Saturday was a scambio. I was with Sorella Hoppe, the Sorella next to me in the pic, and we did finding work for THREE HOURS. It felt SO good, seriously such a great day. We worked so hard!

The Elders in our mission made us bread and lasagna.  They are taking such good care of us.  We are a great team here in Vercelli.

The scarf that Jen Sandberg gave me is NOW INTERNATIONAL!!! Thought she would be excited to see that. It reminds me of her every time I wear it!  I didn’t plan that princessly hand, but I still got it, don’t I??
Cinderella’s castle is right here in Vercelli! Beautiful, no? They are just doing it for Halloween season, but it is beautiful all the same.
Also, I taught sharing time in primary on Sunday. It was... a struggle... but still great. :) The kids are adorable. There is only one little blondie, , who reminds me of Havyn. :)

These are from FHE on Monday with a member family.  B, is 18, he is our investigator and the 9 year old P.  They have a four year old, A, but she was asleep.  They are an AMAZING family. 
AMERICAN CHEETOS. Definitely a tender mercy,  my comp gave them to me :) She got them in a package, but doesn’t like them.... I DEFINITELY ENJOYED EVERY LAST BIT. It’s amazing how much I miss American food sometimes, even though Italian food is the BEST.
LOOK. It’s Hogwarts here in Vercelli! haha

In our meeting last night, the Bishop has made a new goal for us missionaries,  of ten new teachable contacts a day, which is.... basically impossible. We are lucky if one or two people out of the many we talk to actually give us their number. He said that this is a test of our faith, and it’s so true. So, instead of dragging my feet and getting discouraged, I have decided to embrace this new goal. Because like matt 17:20 says, if we have faith come un seme, nothing shall be impossible unto us!!!!!!! Here we go.... wish us luck. :) This week is a week to strengthen my faith. Last week was patience, this week faith. And oh man, it will continue because I have a lot to learn. 

Well, that’s about it for today. It was sort of a rough week, but there are also great moments that balance out the rest.  Like last night, in English class, we told ghost stories to help them practice their English. Holy Moley, it was a RIOT! We turned off all the lights and had a flashlight and everything. It was honestly so fun!!! I love teaching that class it is a tender mercy.

It is my testimony that Gesu Cristo e Padre Celeste are with us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, especialmente in our moments of difficulty. They want to help us and we don’t need to fear. They are PERFECT. They know what they are doing. As we learn to trust in them, and rely on them, we will find strength beyond our own. We will find strength to go on. We will find peace in our heart, even when everything around us is telling us to be sad, frustrated, discouraged, we can find that peace, that happiness, that tranquilità, through and only through them. How blessed are we??? We have an escape, a support, an unfailing source of comfort in this crazy world. It is amazing to me.

Mischief Managed,
_Sorella Kynia

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