Week 13, October 23


Last P-Day we went to an Egyptian Museum in Torino.  It was really fun.  I love ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The city of Torino was so cute.  There was a store called Kenia and a bakery named Gatsby.  I wanted to go in and buy a loaf of bread but my companion said no.  So, I bought some nutella fudge instead, best decision ever.

Vercelli is beautiful too.  Here is some pictures of some Dementor clouds.  This means that winter is on the way.  I am not looking forward to that.

Also, I made it through first transfer. THERE IS LIFE AFTER FIRST TRANSFER.

Here is my first Italian recipe for you:  For yummy pasta, boil it with a lot of salt.  Drain it; add olive oil, garlic powder and chili powder.  The more, the better but try it out slow first because I think it may be an acquired taste. I’m not really sure. Enjoy!

On the 18th, I woke up to a hole in our bathroom ceiling with water coming out of it. I woke up my comp and we went downstairs to tell Maria the landlord. She told us to wait for the repair man. We waited for three hours.  No one came and the ceiling is still leaking.  So we ventured upstairs to fix the problem ourselves. Basically, it was a leaking heater vent thing.  So I waded across the water on the floor and screwed the bolt tighter, stopping the water. I opened up all the windows so it could all dry out.  Then, I washed my feet in our bidet because literally I had a film of grime on them. I know you will be proud of me:  I USED THE BIDET!!!!! For my feet, because that’s what it’s for, feet. Eeeew.  It was an exciting morning and basically, I saved the world, and my comp got it on film, so I will get to show you that when I get home. But don’t worry, the apocalypse has been neutralized, no worries. 

Remind me to marry a man who does his own dishes.  This is what she did while I did those dishes.... she colored.   But it’s okay because I have found that serving your companion is the most effective way to getting rid of those gross negative feelings! And also you can sing Linkin Park whether she likes it OR NOT. mmmhmmm.  She drives me to drink. Hahaha.  This is the best drink in the world, very yummy and very healthy.

Ending with a pic of me and my already patched up and doctored preach my gospel. Even though I am struggling with my comp, I am LOVING missionary work. It is sometimes hard to get her motivated to do work, and she tends to deny me from using the phone, which is frustrating, so sometimes I feel really lonely. The other day, she blamed me because we missed a train, which was not my fault in anyway, I will spare you the details. But since then, I have had the mind set of she wants to blame me for something; it will be for the blisters on her feet. I have not been taking no for answer. Yesterday we left our house at 10:30 and didn’t come back until straight up 9 pm. I am beginning to find confidence in myself as a leader, again, and I am learning even more to lean on the Lord for support. He is there. Always.

I am trying to find humour in EVERY day. There is hope, and tender mercies, and the grace of God every moment of every day. How lucky are we for this knowledge??? Time to share it with others, no?

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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