Week 12, October 16th


These are pics of the eggplant and sausage and mozzarella pizza I got for lunch last P-Day. Seriously the best pizza ever it was SO good.

Also, this week, we found 2 new investigators! Both are mid-thirties moms who are AND I QUOTE... happy and content, but missing and looking for something....Honey, I have it! We teach them together, because they are best friends. It’s like the perfect scenario. They are so so receptive to what we have to say. In our last lesson with both of them, the spirit was so strong. I hope it continues on this course, because they really are so prepared. Crossing our fingers... and our arms, and PRAYING. 

Tell Havyn I got some new pirate boots! They are super comfy. :) Love them. Made in Italy baby!
It is starting to get cold here, and they don’t turn on the heater in our apartment until November.  But, don’t worry about me, I am layering like crazy!  Here is a selfie by Minion...

On the 14th we get a text inviting us to lunch from a member, and I mean, we can’t say no because that would be rude, so we went. We took a bus out to Rive which is a little city off of Vercelli and she said she would meet us at the stop, but when we got there, she wasn’t answering her phone. So, with only an address, we set off to find her house. Without any difficulty, we found the house. That’s the Spirit for you. She was really surprised too because her house is hard to find, and she doesn’t get reception in her house, so that’s why she hadn’t answered her phone. Wowza! The lunch was fantastic. I have a newfound love of lentils. Veramente. The way she makes them... mmm. I will get her recipes. For dessert, she also made us American chocolate pudding, chocolate cake and cookies!!!! Ahhhhh it was heavenly. Seriously!  Then, we went rice picking with her children, which was great.  We listened to the Lion King soundtrack while we helped clean up from lunch, and taught them a quick message. :) It was an awesome afternoon. :) Blessings! I am in Italy. 
Here is my bike. That is Anziano Gneiting on my bike. Hysterical!  Because he is so flipping tall. Hahahahaha was that worth the wait????  Aren’t you impressed!
This is my district with our bishop and the young men’s president. Our bishop is seriously so cool and he has a great smile. He says it’s a nerve problem, but I think it’s fantastic! 
It is time to tell you about the 11th of October, the day I became a real missionary.  So, the morning we had a few lessons, then we traveled to Novara (the neighboring city. like Provo) to teach a lesson. walking back to take the bus to our next appointment thing, we ran into a man that is one of the Elder’s investigators, and got talking about the gospel... He is SO ready. He just doesn’t feel like he is yet, which is frustrating. We keep telling him to just take that leap of faith but he feels like he has to know everything first. He has read the D and C, the bible, the book of Mormon, some books by the apostles and prophets, you name it. We will see...So we took the bus to go visit an inactive family on the outskirts of Novara. Problem is, we got off about 10 stops too early. So we ended up walking about 5 miles, some of it on the interstate, to find this family. We finally get there, blistery, sweaty, stinky, and a bit sore, and you know what they say? 'No, come back a different day. We have to go grocery shopping.' It was a major bummer So, dejected, we went to a nearby store to buy a bottle of water. When we walk in I hear... Thrift shop. No joke! I was a bit happy to hear that and dance along to it. Then I’m going to check out and do you know what they carry?? AMERICAN PEACHIOS!  So I enjoyed those too.
We walked back to the correct bus stop, and rode the bus back to the station.  The lady’s iPod in front of me was blaring... STEREO LOVE. Havyn’s fairy song! Ahhhhh major tender mercy.  It’s just another example of how aware Padre Celeste is of me and how He blesses me so much, overwhelmingly so, every single minute of every single day. I am so spoiled. And because He loves me, He loves everyone else too!

Mischief Managed,
_Sorella Kynia

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