Week 11, October 9th


While tracting this week, we came across this old man who was like "I am 91 years old. Don’t search for me anymore. I have lived this long and I am fine." and he no joke raised his fist and yells "va bene cosi!" its fine like this! So I said auguri, congrats, and walked away. It makes me sad when people won’t even listen to what we have to say... if only they knew how much MORE happiness they could have.....

We MADE A HOMEMADE LASAGNE. It was so freakin good. We put piccante, zucchini, and carrots in it too. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m going to cook for like a month straight when I get home. Learning so much!!
Also, this week, I watched a spider catch a fly, and wrap it up and start to eat it.  It was disgusting. Cool, but mostly disgusting. 

Also, while I was playing guitar for a young women rehearsal Eliana says, Sorella Carter, your fingers are like butterflies.  And the beautiful thing was... I understood her! She’s such a doll. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. 
Brother Joe’s magic cookies: Italian style for the anziani during conferenza. Such a festa. Party.
Sorry there are not a lot of pictures this week... it’s been kind of a rough one.  So, in English class, we played catch phrase. Andrea got the word lie. So he goes, if I said I was the most beautiful man in the world that would be a....and Giovanni goes.... ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahahaha it was hysterical. I LOVE teaching English class. It seriously is the best.

Conference was AMAZING. All my questions were answered, all of them. And I even prayed to stand and sing called to serve.  When President Uchtdorf announced that we will stand and sing ..... I SQUEALED. The gospel is true. Punto.

I figure I will tell you all about my dream last night. Holy MOLEY. I had a dream that someone was in our house and I was SO mad. I was like, what the crap are you doing in my house. Then they tried to run away and I was like NO, get back here. And I went and did some kung fu or something epic... yeah it was terrifying but the moral of the story is.....Don’t worry about me :) I can do kung fu in my dreams, and so therefore, it will transfer over into real life if I ever need it or something like that.

Till next P-Day!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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