Week 10, October 2nd


Last p-day the ski lift to the alps was closed, so we just walked around the city of Aosta instead. I took pictures because it was gorgeous. Old roman ruins right smack dab in the middle of the city.

Awesome!  Also, I got some Pan di Stelle gelato, the cookies I keep sending you pictures of? Yeah, in a gelato, it wins best Gelato. So so so good, Nutella is good too. mmm. Gelato. I am eating too much gelato.  I’ve gained some weight in my caboose, which is not a bad thing because my bike seat isn’t very comfy.

There is a tour group of nuns.  That awkward moment when.....
Yes, those are shoes made out of chocolate. 

Also.... HOGWARTS????! IS THAT YOU???! from Aosta. hahah 

The Sisters are in charge of the Young Women Christmas program, and so to help the YW president got me a guitar! A guitar! I have a guitar!  It’s her brothers, so I have to give it back after the program but... I have a guitar! And it feels so good! And did you know..? They think I’m a professional. Haha!  It’s nice to be able to communicate at least through music. 

I taught FHE this week.  I taught Fishers of men.  We read in Matthew Chapter 4, then FISHED for ways to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. They LOVED it. The four year old, Abbi, was SO excited about fishing. I drew all sorts of fish too, swordfish, jellyfish, starfish, etc. So fun. I also wrote questions, scriptures, and songs on the back. It was  A BLAST. I’m kind of proud of myself. I worked hard not only on the idea, but on the Italian. It’s an awesome feeling when you feel like you can communicate at least a little bit effectively.  Also, I can officially have conversations. Yes, still broken Italian. But I’m stretching and it feels so good.  Progress!  Also, I’m learning how to 110% trust in Padre Celeste, because He is there, and He is upholding me. Always. Literally always.  But He must have a sense of humor because I crashed into a pole the other day. I’d rather not talk about it. 

I thought dad would be pleased to know that on Saturday, we biked an hour straight to teach a less active member. 15 miles baby!!!

Also, something I wrote in my journal last night that was quite poetic....
I left my family, to help others be with theirs for eternity.
I left music, to share the song of my heart. 
I left swimming, to teach others that their lifeguard walks on water.
I left caffeine, to show others where to draw comfort from.
I left sleep, to show others where to rest.
I gave up my time, for all the times the Lord has rescued me.
I am giving my sweat and steps, as He did, and still does, for me.
I gave up my life, to find these things myself.

So, the Italiani have a phrase 'ne vale le pena'. They use it like 'it is worth it!'
But literally, it means, it is worth the pain.  That is how a mission is. 
It is worth the pain. ne vale le pena.  It’s just hard to remember that sometimes when you have a hard day, and you miss your family, and you’re breaking out on your chin and forehead, and you’re stinky and sweaty, and your toe hurts, and your investigators are being stubborn, and you crash into a pole, and things just don’t seem to be going your way.... “Ne vale le pena”.

Maybe that’s a little cheesy in a way, but so true. If the mission has taught me anything, it’s the REALITY of Christ and His Atonement and the REALITY of this true Gospel. I KNOW it is true, with every fiber of my being. It’s that conviction that gets me through day by day. 

Mischief managed
_Sorella Kynia

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