What I wish I would’ve known about the empty sea.... (MTC)


Don’t drink the orange juice. Just don’t.
Be at least 45 minutes early to every devotional. They start at least 7 to 10 minutes early without fail.
Don’t trust the schedules they give you. They’re probably wrong.
There is a 'tree of life' that smells like cream soda. Find it.
Everyone says to make it ‘til Sunday. But trust me; just make it ‘til p-day.
You can’t take or bring bags anywhere, so leave everything in your classroom. It’s basically your second home.
When there’s a long line, and food is waiting, don’t follow the crowd just go to the other side of the line and get food.
Have a bag for all your bathroom and shower items
Invest in a yo yo
You can wear dark nail polish on your toes
Always remember to 'paint your barn'
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You won’t have time to read your scriptures personally for yourself. Everything you do is for your investigator. Keep that in mind.
Don’t let friends or family meet you at the temple. 
Eat lots of fruit, but too much pineapple can make your gums bleed. But its sooooo goood
The oatmeal tastes and looks like and feels like glue. No offense.
They pick people to talk in sacrament meeting every Sunday. So if you think Sundays are stress free, guess again.
All the answers are in preach my gospel. Always. Study it. Live it. Love it.
Prepare to be chastised... always...
Check the airvents in your apartment for candy, or Christmas trees, or marbles. They are now called 'Narnia holes'.
Grapenuts. They have grapenuts and honey.
Elders don’t wear cotton socks all day. You’ll get fungus.
The computer lab in 18M prints emails. 3rd floor.
Your district is your family. Bond. Laugh. Cry. Cry from laughing.
Friday night soccer at the field. Be there.
Mix blu powerade with the banana-strawberry-orange juice. You’re welcome
BYU creamery ice cream every sun and wed.
Pick a seat by the window so when you get bored....
TALL is awesome. I know you don’t think so now but USE IT.
If you don’t know something,  ask. Chances are your leaders don’t know either.
There are special exercise classes for the sisters at six am. Yoga is every thurs and sat and fri is kickboxing!!!!
Early morning study is in your classroom or outside in the courtyards. You must be dressed and ready for the day
Buy a three dollar lanyard waist clip thing for your card and key from the bookstore. Best investment ever. Besides the yo yo.
Be exactly obedient to the schedule. Especially quiet hours at 10:15 and lights out 10:30. Trust me. You will see miracles. I promise.
There are hot cocoa packets by every microwave.
When you return your trays, put your silverware in the huge metal tub and flip your cups over. it makes the dish peoples job so much easier. 
Don’t wear your orange dot every wed. You’ll get in trouble...
You don’t have to take all your books to the field. Use this time to figure out which ones are most effective for you
Have your family send you emergency mail. Trust me.
Find the phones on your floor. You will need them
If you’re in the choir, you skip dinner every Tuesday. But the vending machines in the dorms have microwavable burritos, so it’s worth it.
Look for every opportunity to serve those around you. 
Talk with everyone. Make friends. 
Have fun. If you’re not laughing at least 3 times every day, you’re doing it wrong.
Four square is essential to your social status.
You will do your laundry with the elders. Just warning you.
Bring a security blanket. the mtc one’s smell like prehistoric elders.
For goodness sake, just bring the teddy bear if you need it.
Get your morning routine down to a half hour
Get a waterbottle
dearelder.com is the BEST but they don’t print on Saturdays. 
mtc ships free with postmart.
They pick mail up every day around 3.45. Don’t ask me how I know this. 
Get super comfy in that classroom. You’re gonna be there a while.
Use every chance to stretch your legs, get some sun, etc.
Sneak treats in to movie night
Sit in the room where your movie will be playing during devotional so you get a good seat.
Don’t be nervous for TRC. It will be incredible.
There is a cardboard cutout of George Clooney in the doctor’s office. So getting immunizations is amusing.
There is a hidden waldo every day in the post office.

There is all my empty sea wisdom. May the force be with you.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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