Week 9, September 25th


Italy Milano mission hymn. 
We will never tire of serving our Lord, we will serve Him with great faith, giving our whole hearts. If we are faithful, the prize we will have, the gospel is restored in Italia to flourish!!!On the mountains, and in the cities, from Milano, Torino and Padova, our voices will wake and everyone will have the truth! Everyone will have the truth! Come on, brothers, we go to serve the Lord! We work with great faith giving our whole hearts! The earth down here is ready and Zion will rise, will rise, WILL RISE in Italia!!!!!!

We had a ward party Friday night! It was a game night! So we the missionaries taught three American games, Pictionary, signs, and the human knot. It was a blast. Seriously, we had TONS of our investigators show up, so that was amazing too. We are bonding with the ward! Yes!!!!!! 

Then after dinner, which olive garden probably would have been jealous of, we had a dance party. Seriously! We had a dance party. I am quite fond of italiano musica, by the way. And they taught us how to salsa and we taught them to line dance. hahaha it was THE BEST. Also, it was a member's birthday, so we had a piñata. Partyin’ it up in vercelli!

This is the REAL Italiano pizza I had for lunch last pday. And I forgot to send you a selfie, so here it is. It was so good. And yes, I ate the whole thing by myself. Stuffed.

So this story is quite awesome. Brace yourself.  So Sept 19 started out rough. we were busy with baptismal plans and printing and distributing baptismal invites and programs, etc, etc which required a lot of errands and us biking back and forth across vercelli because my companion doesn’t plan very well... so I was super grumpy from things that had happened with her, and tired but I am always tired nowadays and also hungry. And just plain grumpy. So we were riding down the street and I am literally thinking woof. What a day. Just survive.... and my back is killing me, but JUST THEN a car drives by BLARING NUMB by LINKIN PARK. So, I say a quick prayer of FERVANT gratitude in my heart. LITERALLY TWO MINUTES later, we are waiting to turn left and car pulls up besides us blaring WHAT I'VE DONE by LINKIN PARK. And for a full minute while waiting for the light to turn, I get to listen to secular music. MY FAVOURITE KIND OF SECULAR MUSIC. NOT A COINCIDENCE!  Two lessons. First, when you show gratitude, God is more inclined to bless you even more. I am feeling SO spoiled. Second, God is aware of His children. Always. Even in the little things, because He loves us. He loves me enough to send me not one but TWO Linkin Park songs during a rough moment. The Gospel is true.

WE HAD A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY. Oh mamma mia. It was bellissimo. veramente. Seriously.  Her husband attended as well. Reichert and I assembled the font, and then filled it up with a hose so it was freezing.  It took about three hours, but it was a beautiful experience. Her son performed the baptism flawlessly, and their whole family were there and were touched by the Spirit. It was beautiful.
Afterwards, the bishop asked me to bear my testimony and give the closing prayer. So I did. It wasn’t great, but it didn’t detract from the Spirit, so that’s all that matters. They say my Italian is amazing, but I’m skeptical. haha.  The bishop said to me after 'you are not trying, you are doing'. That man is called of God. What a stellar guy. Then, after the 'refreshments' which is Italiano for 'buffet', we disassembled the font, by taking bucket by bucket of water to the toilet, dumping it in, and repeating. It took a while, but it wasn’t work because we were feeling so so extremely blessed. What a day!

Here is a picture of the 35 bags of pasta that the relief society president gave us. Mom, she is amazing and not just because she gives us free pasta. Half of the ward is thanks to her. And she calls us with new referrals every single day. So so awesome. She has such a strong testimony. We are working on converting her husband now because she has been praying for it for a very long time. Last night she said that he has been reading the scriptures all on his own, which is a HUGE step. 
My spiritual thought for the day comes from Isaiah 64.8, which I have been thinking about a lot lately. 'But now, o Lord, thou art our Father. We are the clay, and thou our potter. And we all are the work of thy hand.'  I like this for two reasons. First, it says, 'potter'.  Second. It is so true. The Lord takes raw materials, shapes them and refines them. He has great things in store for each of us. And He will help us become the person He needs us to be. There is always a plan. Fidarvi. Trust Him. 
Until next week!!
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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