Week 8, September 18th


This week we did a Family Home Evening for a family of 3 little girls, and they asked me to sing Disney princess songs in English. So I did. It was awesome! It made me miss Havyn, but the four year old, sat on my lap while I sang, and it was a testament to me that no matter where I am in the world, Havyn will always love me, and I will always love her. As simple as that is, it comforts me. 

We have a woman getting baptized on Saturday! Her husband finally consented.  I also drew an invite with flowers and stuff for her husband to come to the baptism.  But seriously, we are so happy for her. She is spectacular. And I’m so proud of her. The only thing is that she asked me to give the closing prayer... and I’m super nervous. But I know that that day is going to be the BEST, no matter if I sound like Tarzan in my prayer. ;) My Italiano is coming along quite nicely. I’ve finally just accepted the fact of, I sound illiterate and that’s OK. The ward members love me. I’m probably adorable in my baby talk. Slowly slowly, It’s coming and I learn so many new words every day. It is BELLISSIMO! 

We’ve had a lot of visitors this past week, so it’s been a nice busy break from tracting all the days. We had the traveling sisters come stay with us and do a scampio, which means I trained for a day with Sorella Eaton, aka soon to be Tinkerbelle because she acts, dances, sings, and does gymnastics. So basically I convinced her to audition for Tink like she’s always dreamed after her mish which ends in five weeks. She is my hero. And I can’t wait for that to be me. To only have five weeks left and to have all this knowledge and an accent and know the ropes and not be always confused and frustrated with the language, etc!  Slowly I’ll get it right? But anyways training with her was a blast!!! I learned so much. It’s amazing how I feel myself grow and stretch more each day.  

I have now had nutella gelato. And I think I’ll just get it every day because I could live off of it. Veramente. Seriously. it’s got protein too, so that’s fine I think.

Yesterday was a training meeting in Milano, and I saw GUNNERSON. Oh man. I miss her. I ADORE her. But she’s doing well, and so am I. So va bene. We’re both praying for us to be companions later in Florence though. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST DAY EVER. Veramente. 

Also, biking is terrifying. in a good way. I’ve definitely gotten better this past week. Forza Vercelli!!!

It’s just the two of us in our apartment, because it’s just the two of us in Vercelli. So we’re VERY BUSY. And I love it. We taught 16 lessons last week and the bishop was so proud because the goal was 15. He’s raised it to 21 this week and the Anziani (Elder’s) are sad because out of the four of them, they taught 8 lessons last week. But I say BRING IT.

I witnessed the most perfect sunrise this morning and wanted to share it with you.  The pictures just don't do it justice!  This is the view out of our apartment window!  Breathtaking!

I can feel Gods love and His help and support. And THIS is what sustains me, through all the difficult times. Through all the times when we almost miss our train and I sprint across the city with a bag full of books, feeling like my lungs are going to burst while the wind blows my skirt up and I’m frustrated and tired and..... it’s alright. It’s always alright. Because God helps my legs move just a bit faster, and He helps my arms bear just a bit more, and He helps my heart hold more love that I could’ve ever thought was possible... and I hope this makes sense, but this is what I’ve come to realize this week. That I’m not alone, nor will I ever be. And that is AWESOME. I’m practically invincible. 

Mischief managed,

_Sorella Kynia

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