The First Step Out the Door


So, where to start... Deep breath, okay. In the early morn of the third of September, 3.30 a.m. to be exact, my peepers were barely open as tearful goodbyes were said to all the sisters heading to Rome. I then showered, and cried, in that order. 

Sorella Gunnerson and I then pretended to eat some Captain Crunch and headed down to the bus station, where we loaded our stuff and rode the bus to the frontrunner in Provo. I swear, the butterflies were eating me alive. We then loaded our stuff onto the frontrunner, (thank goodness I was traveling with a group of 23 men) and then rode a couple metros to the airport, where we checked our stuff and rested our tired muscles. Why do I have so much stuff??! I’m gonna get rid of a ton of stuff before I come home so I don’t have to do that again.

The best part of the day was also the most difficult; I got to talk to y’all!!! And it made me cry. And it was awesome. It was great to re-focus myself on why I'm out here: so that other people can enjoy their family for eternity, too. I can’t wait to talk to you again in a few months. I've sorely missed you.

It was also nice to have a quick breather with you before I was traumatized. So after I talked to you in Chicago, I hurried and got dinner (chinese- for the last time... sniff, sniff) and then walked back and all the Anziani (Elders) were gone and so was our stuff. I had my purse but Gunnerson and I were sharing a duffle bag with our day 1 clothes and toiletries and that was gone. So we freaked out and boarded the plane (we were a few of the last ones to board), thinking the Anziani had grabbed it like they were supposed to. They HADN'T. Even though before we left, we'd put two specific Anziani in charge of it. I'll never trust a man again. But THEN. Miracles abound, a sweet member of the airline staff went and FOUND IT FOR US. There it was, stuffed under a seat in the lobby. It was awesome. I was so relieved because it had items (including my photo albums) that were precious to me. I couldn't bear the thought of it being incinerated in the airport. Later along in the flight, we tried to give her a Book of Mormon as a thank you and found out she was already a member. Go figure. Blessings.

And, in case you’re wondering, British Airways is the best. And not just because they went above and beyond to help me with my lost duffle. I’m sending pics of the movie screens and controllers, which we couldn’t use, but they were cool all the same. They had free music, movies, etc etc. and we were all sorely tempted as missionaries, but tried to sleep instead. Take that Satan!

So... we tried to sleep, but I mean, it was airplane sleep and not very restful. So when we landed in London, we were all pooped. But we still gave out 3 books of Mormons. Chaching!


Then, we were off to Milano and the nerves started kicking in... I had some goldfish for breakfast.

Then, we landed and met President and Sorella Dibb.  They are stellar.  They are truly called of God. I know they’ll take good care of me. I adore them.

So we went and dropped off our luggage at the church and headed up to the Duomo, where Sorella Gunnerson and I gave a book of mormon and got a referral, even though we can’t speak Italiano. It was a cool moment.  That cathedral.... and the galleria across the street.... ahhhh.... e un sogno. It’s a dream. So incredibly beautiful I just can’t even....

JET LAG IS CRUEL. That night we went to the Dibb’s place and had lasagna, gelato, bread, insalata, the whole shebang and it was delicious. But it was SO hard to stay awake. But we did.  Then we went to our hotel, which was amazing. We CRASHED. I’ve never slept so well in my life. Come’ un bambino. 
By the way, at the hotel Sorella G and I flooded the bathroom floor. But that’s a story for another day...
Here are pics of our hotel:

Here is the view from our hotel room:

We had to walk to our hotel after dark and I got eaten alive by Italiano mosquitoes, I hate them as much as I hate American mosquitoes.

Then, the next day was the big one.  We met at the church in Milano around 9 (traffic was terrible), and had a Devotional, lunch which was Italiano pizza, and got our new companions and areas, and split.  Saying goodbye to Sorella Gunnerson was hard.

More to come later......

Mischief managed
_Sorella Kynia

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  1. The getting companion meeting was always very exciting. I love Italy, but I have never been to Milano. It makes me very happy to know that the missionaries are taking the Frontrunner train to the Airport.