Week 5, August 29th


heyyyy errybody!

I am SO excited for this adventure to begin. The MTC has been the BEST, but I am ready to get out there. Do I know enough italiano? Probably not, but I am ready to start the hard part. Wish me luck :) 
The thing that's going to be the worst is leaving my amazing zone. Holey moley I love every single person so much. I am seriously blessed. I think Heavenly Father put these people in my path on PURPOSE because they've each taught me so much. 

Also, I am blessed for the teachers I’ve had. Sorella Fairbanks was the BOMB. and Fratello Cena is cool too. Also, Sorella Nielson is awesome, but we haven't seen her in like 3 weeks because she's back in Italia. I'm almost jealous of her... except that I'll be there soon enough.

Things with our investigators are going well, also. Susanna is to be baptized on the 21st of September, and she is so willing to give up coffee and tea because of her strong testimony. Dario is also progressing, and this past lesson we taught yesterday was by far one of our best. We taught him how to use the scriptures to research/answer his questions, and we bore STRONG testimony how the scriptures are a manual for our life. Like a guide for a car, or mathematics, the scriptures will guide you and give you answers in your life and little by little, Dario is finding out for himself that the church is true. It is wonderful to see this progress and growth in a person, even if that person is our teacher just dressed in different clothes.

Speaking of yesterday, it was nuts. Here’s how it went down. We taught Dario in the morning, and right after that, one of my roommates started having intense abdominal pain. So we all went home and I proceeded to do what I could to help her. I filled up water bottles with hot water to put as heating pads on her stomach, but her pain only intensified. So I grabbed a desk chair with wheels and wheeled her to the health office. We were shuttled to urgent care, where they ran all sorts of tests and discovered that it was just a bursted cyst on her ovary, which is extremely lucky. She was terrified that it was appendicitis. There were MANY fearful, heartfelt prayers during those few hours. One of which, she asked me to say as we were in the waiting room of the hospital. I gripped her hands tightly and offered up the most powerful prayer I think I've ever said. I could feel my love for her I felt extremely grateful that she trusted me enough to personally ask me to accompany her everywhere. I adore her and it was hard to see her so scared. But, she is completely fine today, just a bit sore. I am extremely grateful for my testimony of prayer.  She named her cyst Vesuvius, which seemed fitting.
Last night however, I was struggling. I don't know if it was from the stress of the cyst episode that afternoon or what, but I was fighting back tears all evening last night, until I went to devotional.
We were able to hear from Elder Neil L. Andersen, of the quorum of the 12. Holy cow it was just what I needed. He spoke of the importance of "planting the seed" and how sometimes our investigators will admit that they know it's true, and sometimes they won't, but as long as we do our best, we will never be viewed as a failure.

After we ended the devotional, security told us that there was severe lightening outside, so we stayed and sang hymns for a while until the storm cleared, sort of. We walked home in the pouring rain and I loved every second of it. We sang hymns as a district, and jumped (very ladylike) in puddles, and danced a little bit, and Barrow even drank out of the gutter. It was awesome. It was just the respite I needed. And I’m so glad God gave it to me because without it there's no way i would've been prepared for what happened next.

When we got home,  another of my roommates had a flow blow panic attack. She escalated very quickly and was not breathing at one point. I talked her into deep breathing and so, after bringing her to the front of the building for a priesthood blessing, I ran to call the emt's. It was frustrating because I was the one with the most medical training, and ironically enough the only one who knew where the two phones are in the building. So I was around the corner on the phone hoping she was still conscious. It all ended up being okay though. By the grace of our Father in Heaven, the right people were brought to our building by pure coincidence and she is a-okay. Whew. It was very very stressful. But I felt important because at one point, she asked me to hold her hand, out of everyone there, she asked me.
I guess why I’m telling you all this is not so you'll worry, but so you'll see that God works in mysterious ways. Not only did He strengthen our testimonies of prayer and the Priesthood yesterday, He also strengthened my confidence in myself. This week, I have begun to see (through my new calling, I guess) that I have a unique talent for finding ways to make people happy, and yes, it is a talent. And this week, I have realized that although I may not speak the best italiano like Sorella Marquis, or know cool tricks on the yo-yo like Anziano Graham, or sing like Sorella Gunnerson, I have a big heart, and with Heavenly Father's help, I can use that heart to show other people how much I, and more importantly how much God and Jesus Christ love them.  That's what motivates me every day. Love. Love for my district, love for my zone, love for this Gospel, love for Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement, love for the language, love for my collega, love for my Father in Heaven. And beautifully enough, love is what sustains me through the low times, remembering my Father in Heaven and my Savior's love for me, and also the love that my zone shows to me daily.  and I love it. I am IN LOVE with this Gospel. And I am SO ready to show the people of Italia how much it will bless their lives.  How they have a Padre Celeste, who loves them individually and infinitely. 

I have been doing a secret thing, where I have been leaving toys and little treats for people on their seats.  The Anziani’s have nicknamed it “the mission fairy” and they still haven’t figured out its me.  I sent a picture of her to Havyn.

Another funny thing from this week, in Relief Society we were discussing the grooming and dressing standards and Sister Roach said, “Makeup is not required, but you know it never hurts to paint the barn.”  So there you have it, my face is a barn, and a GOODLOOKIN barn at that!

We had another “illegal gathering” in our district.  Anziano Hansen’s grandma sent a Bundt cake and Anziano Barrow had chips and salsa and we had a festa! 

Tell dad that I have been running with my district.  He will be proud.

Last but not least...you will not believe who I ran into in the health services building when I went to get my very last vaccination (I was very brave and didn't cry at all....#proudmoment).
We get room inspections here and we got this about a month ago.  Funny huh?! Dr. Pepper is NOT a sin.   THANKS to everyone that sent me some and helped me on my way!

One last pic, just because I love my dear Sorella Gunnerson!

Mischief Managed,
_Sorella Kynia

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