Week 4, August 21st


Ciao, tutti!
Don't laugh, Lex, that is legitimately the way to say "everyone".

We had Vai Sikahema speak to us for Sunday devotional this week.  He was awesome.  He’s a retired football player, Emmy award winner, sports anchor, etc.  The one thing he stressed to us is “all of the things I’ve done PALE in comparison to my mission.” I am beginning to be so excited for Italia!  I know it will be SUPER rough for the first few months.  I am getting more nervous/anxious to go.  I don’t feel that I am ready with the language, no matter how hard I try! I'm sure if I was fluent, I'd still be stressin'. I do know that this is where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing, and I know that the Lord will help me sempre (always). Every day I feel His love and He gives me strength and the confidence to keep going.
This week will mark a month that I am in the MTC.  Feels like 4 years, not 4 weeks, in a good way.  I got my visa and my travel plans today.  I go first to Chicago, then London, then Milan.  I am stoked!  Like…JUMP OUT OF MY SEAT AND DANCE ACROSS THE OCEAN STOCKED!  I’m a missionary!
My companion is awesome!  Seriously!  She is the best. Almost every night after dinner, we find a deserted room so she can play piano. By the way she has the voice of an angel. Last night, some other missionaries heard her playing and came in and asked us to sing “Love One Another” together.  So we did and they loved it.  They gave us a bookmark to remember them by.  
I think it’s safe to say that I freaking love the MTC.  It’s rough sitting in a desk all the time, but I am love all that I’m learning.  It’s also easy here to get overwhelmed by all the rules and frustrated by the language, but I am so close to the Spirit and I am motivated by love.  It’s easy to get out of bed at 6 every morning because I know my purpose.  And…I love that I get to represent Jesus Christ.  He is my best friend. 
I love Italiano!  Tell Havyn that the word for shark is “Squalo.”  She asked me once. 
I have been loving my calling as Sister Trainer.  I’m truly seeking opportunities to serve.  I gave the IKEA catalog that you sent me to a struggling sister who loves interior design.  I went running with a sister who feels out of place, and this past week I made an Elder cry simply because I reminded him that God loved him.  This Elder had appendicitis and had surgery 2 weeks ago and is not getting better.  He is super frustrated.  He passed me in the cafeteria and I had a prompting to go talk to him.  I sat for a few minutes denying it until finally I marched over to where he was getting a drink.  I gently said, “How are you Anziano?” and he turns to me with tears rolling down his cheeks, and said, “not good”  We had a quick talk, in which I gently bore my testimony of my confidence in him and in the Lord.  He thanked me and has turned a corner over the past couple of days.  He sits next to me at meal times, which is A-OK with me because he is amazing. Probably a future general authority, honestly.
This week the Sorelle in our zone had an “illegal gathering”, where we ate all kinds of junk food and bonded over stories of our lives.  It was SO incredibly fun and we have all become super close this past week.  This has been one of my goals with my new assignment.  I have become close with each of the sweet sisters in my zone, and my heart is beginning to overflow with a taste of Christlike love.

Sorella Spencer has been really sick the last few days, and last night, I took her to Anziano Peterson (our new district leader) for a blessing. It was POWERFUL. Out of the mouth of this 19 year old kid, comes this profound and intimate blessing that touched on ALL of the things she's struggling with, not just sickness. He blessed her with the language, and even blessed her dad, who is a nonmember but Anziano Peterson DIDN'T KNOW THAT. I did, but he didn't. He promised her some VERY amazing things regarding him. It was an amazing experience. I feel SO incredibly grateful for the priesthood and continuously amazed at the AWESOME elders we have here in our zone. Where else in the world can you find 18/19 year old boys that keep themselves SO worthy to receive and are SO in tune to act on the Spirit that is with them always? It's amazing to me. Just another testament of how true this Gospel is. 
Michael and Erica sent me packages with tons of Harry Potter related stuff, including chocolate frogs and Butterbeer, which I gladly shared at our illegal gathering. So much fun! I am blessed to be surrounded by people who care about me…and believe me, I feel your prayers every single day.
Funny things from this week:
Sorella Spencer loves to talk and she is loud.  I love her.  So, yesterday, she was telling a story while we were supposed to be studying and Anziano Pinnock says, “Hey Spencer SYL!" (speak your language) and so she starts to talk QUIETER, but still in English…
I found out the hard way this week that the past tense of “suffered” is sofferto, not soffrito which means DEEP FRIED.  Just imagine me telling Dario that Jesus Christ deep fried for his sins.  Embarrassing, but hysterical!
And for the finale, the Anziani had an ugly tie day and Fratello Cena came in and was like “Anziano Barrow, nice sock.”[Referring to his tie].  Sneaky guy. Thinks he's so funny. And he is.
Our zone is becoming stronger, not just in our relationships and unity, but in the Gospel.  We are a force to be reckoned with.  Watch out Italia!
Mischief Managed.
_Sorella Kynia

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