Week 2, August 7th


Heyyyyy baybayyyyyy!
Here's the haps of the week...

Unfortunately, Monday night I was having large amounts of abdominal pain. I didn't sleep hardly at all. It was constant all throughout yesterday, and so last night I asked Anziano Duclos to give me a blessing. The blessing he gave me was perfect. And my stomach has been hurting a bit today, but nothing like what it has been.

Also, I went to the temple this morning. (Couldn’t find Grandpa, but I looked all over for him. sorry I missed him). But I didn't do a session. I POLISHED THE CRYSTALS ON THE CHANDELIERS IN THE SEALING ROOMS. in squeaky white scrubs. in two of the sealing rooms.
FOR 3 HOURS. It was the BEST 3 hours ever. It was just what I needed. How lucky am I??? For a few short minutes, I was able to sit in the Celestial room and just ponder. As I was looking at the picture of Jesus on the wall, I was hit with the most comforting feeling I've ever felt. It was so powerful and SO strong. I am rejuvenated and SO excited to continue this week of missionary work. 

[[^^I saw my friend Jenny Chang! in bocca al lupo, Sorella Chang!]]

And, of course, some funny moments from this week:

in class....
Sorella Spencer: *mumbling something incoherent and then trailing off...* "oh, I'm sorry, I didn't say real words."

in class...
Sorella Fairbanks: What time will you go to sleep?
Anziano Pinnock, without skipping a BEAT: in two YEARS.
hahahaha so perfect.

in class...
Sorella Fairbanks: "What time are you teaching her tomorrow?"
Sorella Spencer: "we're teaching her at 2 in the morning."
Sorella Fairbanks: WHOA.
[If anyone can say "whoa" with an italian accent, it's Sorella Fairbanks. hysterical.]

Anziano Peterson while teaching a lesson... [translated from italian of course]
Investigator: yeah, she's really sick and my grandma's in the hospital...
Peterson: oh, I'm so sorry. My grandma is dead, too.

priceless! hahaha 

by the way, we did an italian flag in these pics... flag day sunday! keepin it FRESH.

The other night, a HUGE mosquito was in our room. and Sorella Gunnerson scaled the bed to kill it and named it Moby Dick. RIP, you bloodthirsty savage.

Also this week, I may or may not have smuggled an entire box of Redvines in the sleeve of my sweater into sunday movie night. it was awesome. and I was suddenly very popular...
I also may or may not have borrowed a knife from the cafeteria to cut the pan of brownies that Sheron sent me. I returned it, so it's fine.
Just call me a REBEL.

This past week has been awesome. We have 2 new investigators, Dario and Susana, who are amazing. It is almost easy to invite them to Christ because they are so willing to listen to what we have to say. And I think that's because I listen to what they have to say. My listening skills are definitely a blessing. And through the Spirit, I am able to say the things I need to say. It’s amazing. The gift of tongues is not necessarily to all of a sudden speak the language, it is that of listening to the Spirit and relying on Him to help you understand, and help the investigator understand the words you say even though they may not be grammatically correct. The gift of tongues is real. 

Also, we taught in TRC for the very first time on Monday and it was AMAZING. I’m sending that via snail mail though so you can read the review. Stay tuned.

Also, I would encourage you guys to look up a Christmas MTC devotional by David A. Bednar entitled the Character of Christ. I’m sure it's out there on the interwebs somewhere. It is INCREDIBLE. I watched that for Sunday movie night and I am a changed person. Wow. Just... wow.

Check out the abundant wildlife here at the MTC! yep. a butterfly. tender mercies.

Mischief Managed.
_Sorella Kynia 

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