Week 1, July 31st


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy la mia Famiglia!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all.

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out how to attach pictures, but the computers here at the MTC have so many restrictions that my camera is not compatible with. I will ask around and figure something out. Sorry :(

Also, please encourage people to send me letters. I LOVE letters. Like, more than Hedwig, probably. dearelder.com is a GREAT resource, if anyone is interested. But seriously, mail is important. Sometimes we call our district leader, Anziano David Graham, "Dobby" because he hoards our mail sometimes. We really like Harry Potter over here.

Being here at the MTC, my sense of humor has become WEIRD. Like, missionary weird. Per esempio...

La mia collega and I were heading to the bathroom, and the other sisters thought we were leaving to teach a lesson so they said "Buona Fortuna!" which means "good luck", and then they add, "Good luck in there!" and Sorella Gunnerson and I could NOT STOP laughing. It was SO hilarious. It's become a district joke, now.

Then one day, Anziano Hansen says, "ya know, the thing I like about english..... is that I speak it." and for some reason, our district couldn't even breathe we were laughing so hard. probably because we are all super stressed out about italiano that any chance we have to laugh, we EXPLODE. 
Also, Anziano Hansen was reading in the Bible Dictionary and he's like, "guys, look! My name!" and it says "Hunter, Nimrod the mighty." NO JOKE. Hysterical. So, we'll never let that die. 

But it gets better. The babies will like this one.
After meals there's this place where we go to drop off dishes, and it's like a tunnel of steamy air with a conveyor belt to put  your dishes on. It legitimately smells like death in there, so Sorella Marquis (who is HILARIOUS) named it the Fire Swamp. so, let it be known, that I literally visit the Fire Swamp 3 times a day. I thought Havyn would enjoy that.

Also, yesterday, we were called to the travel office for things regarding our visa’s, but when they came on the PA, they said "Trouble Office", and we all DIED laughing. We got sent to the trouble office! True story.

But wait, there's more!
The Missionary Handbook is nicknamed the "white bible", for obvious reasons. Page 33 refers to flirting of any kind. So it's become a district joke that whenever someone talks to someone else of the opposite gender, someone without fail will yell out PAGE 33 YOU GUYS. we think we're hilarious.

I may have already told you these, but they're worth mentioning again. Just a little taste of our fun days here at the MTC. I really am loving it.

Me [reading]: We are accountable to..."
Sorella Gunnerson: "A cannibal????!"

"Wait, can we write on our hands?"
"Well... your body is a temple..."
"And ink doesn't have a recommend!"

Also, Fratello Cena (our teacher) was doing an analogy with a garbage can and he says, "this wastebasket is you." and Anziano Barrow goes "my brain is a garbage can????!!!!" which was really funny because that's honestly what it feels like at the end of some days. I can't believe I’ve only been here for a week. It feels like a month at least.

But, it's not just all fun and games here at the MTC. We are expected to be exactly obedient to a strict schedule, day and night. We never go anywhere alone, and we sit in a small classroom for almost every hour of the day and study. I never thought I'd be so happy being indoors studying in the summertime. I absolutely love it. On a random side note, the food here isn't as bad as everyone says. I literally have chocolate milk with every meal. and pineapple. mmm.

My companion, Sorella Sarah Gunnerson, is the literal best. Seriously we are kindred spirits. She loves Lord of the Rings, broadway musicals, Harry Potter, Dr. Pepper, reading... etc. We have a lot in common, and our differences strengthen each other. 
We have taught 3 lessons solo (only) in italiano to our investigator, Chiara. The Spirit when we teach is awesome. Chiara has agreed to be baptised and we are SO proud of how far she's come. Only in 3 lessons. Even though I'm struggling with speaking correct italian, I am somehow able to bear my testimony perfectly. and that's all that really matters because the Spirit is the teacher, not me.

Italian is a GORGEOUS language. There are ways to say things that just don't exist in English. also, when I study/speak italiano for 6 hours a day, it's hard to come back into English, so I’m sorry if this email has alot of errors. I love Italian even though it's hard. Thank goodness for my flashcards :)

My roomates are amazing, by the way. I room with two sisters going to Roma, Sorella Madyline Spencer from Georgia, and Sorella Jessica Marquis from PG. they are awesome. Also, I room with two sisters going to the Romania Moldova mission, Sora Nicole Emma Smith (who I already have on FB. isn't that awesome??? she's from the princess festival) and her companion, Sora Annemarie Newell, from Canada. We have great times in that room. I wish I could show you pictures because even though it's such a small room, we have made it work and decorated it. We have a sign "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" on our door, and I LOVE it. It makes me happy every time I see it. It reminds me of Oaklyn! Oaksie will love sunbeams.

Side note, elder Joshua Pinnock (from the youtube vid) is in my district and his cousin is in our zone, so that's cool. We’re all kind of famous when we're around him!

Also, Anziano Hunter Hansen looks like Dave Franco. Once I learn how to upload pictures, I will send you a picture. He is a great guy.

I can't remember Anziano Barrows' first name, or Anziano Peterson's first name... so I’ll send you those later I guess. They’re awesome and Anziano Peterson literally eats my weight in food for every single meal. Someday we're going to attempt the tower challenge, but it is not this day. Someday.
[[oh, the tower challenge is that your entire district tries to eat the entire tower of cereal in one meal. It's great fun and is supposed to be impossible. But not for us, because we have Peterson. He’s our secret weapon.]]

Also, we named our District (33D) D-tent. Sometimes we dress in Italian colours because we're PROUD. 
and I wrote a rap for us to the tune of the holes song "dig it." get it, D tent? Anyways it goes like this...

You’ve got to go and save those souls....

Two suitcases and scriptures in hand,
I got no respect cuz I’m the new man,
Got my white bible, page 33,
Check out the tag, I’m a missionary. uh.

M i sssss i O N E. what's that we speakin?
dawg, beats me.
I dont speak english and I’m not from italy,
and all I do is read, pray, eat and sleep.

there is no wait, there is no break. there is no place to hide so just sit and wait for P.....day.

your bones may blister, your muscles stay sore. you wanna break? knock on the DL's door... ohhhuuhhhhh.

and then we repeat it. it's the best. everyone loves my raps. #ballin 

also, my teachers are Fratello Cena, who looks like a mix between Aladdin and Nick Jonas, and Sorella Stacy Fairbanks, who looks like Coraline. They are literally the best teachers ever. They speak italiano sempre. (always) and it's amazing that I can understand all of what they say. I just can't talk back. yet. Fratello Cena did speak English with me for a bit last week, because he could tell I was overwhelmed and super frustrated with the language. I’m happy to say though, that I've rebounded and I am better than ever. I LOVE the MTC.

I am also learning a TON. Someone once told me that here at the MTC, you can read out of a phonebook and feel the Spirit. and it's SO true. The Spirit is with me always and it's SO powerful. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. 
I would encourage you to watch the Mormon message "Lifting Burdens" on youtube. It is FANTASTIC. I watched it in class the second day, and cried. Enjoy it :)

The main thing I've learned here at the MTC is that I can do hard things. I just have to forget myself and go to work.  I know that Christ will take me by the hand and "His angels will bear me up" like it says in D and C 84:88. He is with me every step of the way and I feel His love constantly. I think that's why I like the MTC so much. because not only am I surrounded by people who are just as enthusiastic about the gospel as I am, but I am surrounded by constant reminders of my Father in Heaven's love for me. And I am SO grateful He trusts me enough to give me this calling and opportunity to share His Gospel and His love with the people of Italy who "know not where to find it."
I am being spiritually fed here every second of every day. and i am SO happy. this is not easy, but it's so so fulfilling. And it will be, for the next year and a half.

I will have to write more later because my time is almost out. Talk to you next Wednesday! unless you write me letters. then it will be SOONER. and that's a BONUS!

I will write you the rest in a letter. :) love you all. Vi voglio bene! Everybody hug each other for me. and give the babies some kisses.

Mischief Managed.
_Sorella Kynia

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