Any Happy Little Thought?


Once upon a time, I was miserable. I woke up miserable. I went to school miserable. I slept miserably. I had miserable dreams. Not just for a day or two, but for a space of a few months. I was honestly miserable.
It was awful.
Well, one particularly miserable day, I was watching Disney’s Peter Pan with my not-at-all-miserable 3 year old sister and absolute best friend, Havyn. She is my sunshine.
And Wendy asked a very important question, “But Peter, how do we get to Never Land?”
“We fly, of course!”
It's easy! All you have to do is to... is to... is to... Ha! That's funny,” said Peter, scratching his head.
What's the matter?” Wendy asked. “Don't you know?”
Oh, sure,” said Peter. “It's... It's just that I never thought about it before. Say, that's it! You think of a wonderful thought!”
As the children excitedly announced their happy thoughts, I began to think about what mine would be…
Then Peter said: “Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings.”
And that stuck with me all day.
Later on that very same day, I found this quote.

It seemed like someone was trying to teach me something.
And so I made a goal that every day I would find something that made me happy, just one little happy thought, and write it down. I noticed that it became easier as the days went on and my days seemed brighter. It eventually became a habit for me to instinctively look for the positive side of every situation. And it was also kind of fun. J
So, without further ado, here is my list of a few things that make me happy. [Feel free to add things that make YOU happy in the comments below.]

1.     When a person hugs back tighter.
2.     Guys who smell good.
3.     Not being able to finish a sentence because you’re laughing so hard about the ending.
4.     Getting your hair done by a 3 year old.
5.     Falling asleep to the sound of rain.
6.     Staying up so late that everything becomes hysterical.
7.     Finishing a book and realizing that you actually forgot you weren’t living in that world.
8.     A scent that reminds you of a good memory.
9.     Rolling all your car windows down and blaring your favourite song.
10.  Smell of a baby after a bath.
11.  Sunshine warming your face or the back of your neck.
12.  The first shave with a new razor.
13.  Stretching your legs after a really long car ride.
14.  Getting grass stains.
15.  Smelling a new can of tennis balls.
16.  When you pull to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn.
17.  Pulling on jeans that are just out of the dryer.
18.  Real bearded Santas.
19.  Having the movie theater for Beauty and the Beast 3D with your 3 year old sister all to yourselves.
20.  Dancing in the rain with your best friend.
21.  First shower after camping for a really long time.
22.  Somebody flashing their brights at you to warn you about the cops.
23.  The first scoop out of a jar of peanut butter.
24.  Getting a trucker to blow their horn.
25.  The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage.
26.  Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row.
27.  When you’re really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket over you.
28.  Getting served breakfast in bed.
29.  When you manage to squeeze enough toothpaste out for one last brush.
30.  Roasting the perfect marshmallow.
31.  The smell of freshly cut lemons.
32.  Taking your perma-red socks off after an exciting day at Goblin Valley.
33.  Peeing in a pool.
34.  The smell and sound of a campfire.
35.  Sand in your toes.
36.  When the vending machine gives you two things instead of one.
37.  Bubble wrap.
38.  Pushing all the little buttons on the soft drink cup lid.
39.  Couch cushion forts and strawberry milkshakes.
40.  Getting a front row parking spot.
41.  When the dentist says “no cavities”.
42.  New fuzzy purple socks.
43.  Dripping salty sweat.
44.  Thinking it’s Thursday when it’s Friday.
45.  Ice cold water after hiking.
46.  Smooth slimy teeth after braces.
47.  At a stoplight, and someone in the car next to you catches you singing in your car, and starts to sing along with you.
48.  Holding your breath under a tunnel.
49.  A long hug when you really need it.
50.  Long soft grass underneath a shady tree.
51.  Listening to your new favourite song over and over and over and over… and over.
52.  Colouring by candlelight during a power outage.
53.  Wordless apologies.
54.  Going out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf.
55.  Speeding planes on the runway.
56.  That pause on a rollercoaster at the top before you go down.
57.  When it feels like lyrics were written just for you. [Thank you, Adele.]
58.  First footprints in fresh snow.
59.  Letting the waves bury your feet.
60.  When you’re being chased by zombies and suddenly find a hidden stash of guns and ammo.
61.  Morning stretches that make you sound like a baby dinosaur.
62.  Finally peeing after holding it forever.
63.  Do nothing days.
64.  Finishing your last exam and yelling “Freeeeeeeedoommmmm!”
65.  The moment before a first kiss.
66.  Looking up while underwater.
67.  When a baby smiles and giggles at you.
68.  When you make a 3 year old laugh super hard at the same thing over and over… and over.
69.  My mom’s happy thought: The day after the tax deadline.
70.  When someone pronounces your name right on the first try.
71.  When the hold music is actually good.
72.  A clear, full moon.
73.  Hearing a baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound.
74.  Seeing old people holding hands.
75.  Little kids showing you their muscles.
76.  Hot chocolate after a cold, windy day.
77.  Twisting the lid off of something that no one else could. [Yes it happened… Once.]
78.  Jumping through the sprinklers.
79.  Bedtime stories by 3 year olds.
80.  Being surrounded by people you love, and not saying anything, just laughing.
81.  Singing Beatles songs with your entire extended family on a peak overlooking Goblin Valley.
82.  Sundrying after swimming.
83.  Drinking from the hose.
84.  The moment after lightning and before thunder.
85.  Thunder so loud it shakes your house.
86.  Laugh lines.
87.  Midnight summer walks and long talks.
88.  The core of a Cinnamon Roll.
89.  A perfectly executed clean twist of an Oreo.
90.  Double dipping with friends.
91.  Pinky swears.
92.  When your parents give a coin to a random little girl at Disneyland so that she can make a wish in Snow White’s Wishing Well.
93.  The look on that little girl’s face and the magic in her sparkling blue eyes as she makes a wish.
94.  When you open your eyes in the morning and can tell by the color of the light in the room that it snowed or is still snowing.
95.  Bright orange fingers after eating cheetos.
96.  Sunsets over a baseball field.
97.  Spitting salty sunflower seeds while walking to get the mail with a 3 year old. Every day.
98.  Watching a 3 year old chew up a seed and try to spit it out.
99.  Dumping out your laundry and a pair of socks are right next to each other.
100. When radio songs match up with life situations.
101. That broken basketball game at Chuck-E Cheese that lets you shoot over and over and over.
102. Running so hard that you want to puke. And running some more.
103. Jumping on a glitter covered trampoline.
104. Driving barefoot.
105. Sunroofs.
106. Reminiscing.
107. The first bite of a meal when you’re really hungry. [Yes, I wrote this one on a Fast Sunday…]
108. Crawling into bed after a long, exhausting, accomplished day.
109. Forehead kisses.
110. Waking up in the morning and feeling like you actually had enough sleep.
111. Falling asleep by the campfire.
112. Cuddling.
113. The sound of rain from inside a tent.

Mischief Managed.


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  1. I love almost all of these things! This is also a fantastic idea! 33 made me laugh! And 103...I feel would make for some great pictures!

  2. I was thinking of some as I read, and you had all of them. I just bathed my baby this morning, and she greets me with a smile. I'm going to add hearing my baby laugh for the first time or watching her achieve a milestone like rolling over. Also, making my husband laugh after he's had a long day. Or making him proud of something I've managed to accomplish. Thanks for writing this, I kinda needed it.

  3. Sounds like you have been working on this for quite a while. When I need a dose of Kynia...I will read this post. Thanks for always making ME happy.