"What Makes You Beautiful"


How do you spell my name? Oh yeah, it’s S-L-A-C-K-E-R.
Sorry for the long wait.. but honey, I’m hooooome.
I know I promised you a juicy “boys-suck-and-i-hate-them-all” post, but honestly, I just can’t do it. Instead, I’m going to try something a little bit different than whining about how I get less attention than a white crayon….

Sometimes it feels like the longer you’re single, the more you start to think something’s wrong with you.  ESPECIALLY when you live in a place where everyone-- and their dog-- is getting married at 18. Sometimes you think that because you’re the only one in your neighborhood that’s not married and everyone gives you funny looks when you tell them you’re 20 and not dating anyone, that you’ll never be good enough for anyone and you’ll die alone.
And that’s not okay. Just because you haven’t found your “soulmate” yet or you’re 20 and haven’t had a decent relationship in your entire life, doesn’t mean that you won’t ever find true love. So stop thinking that you’re messed up or broken. You are beautiful. No matter your size, shape, color, or relationship status, you ARE beautiful.
And don’t EVER doubt it.
And this brings me to the point of my post today: why I don’t wear makeup.
You see, there was a time in my life [High School] when I would spend 2 hours every day getting ready. I would do an intense skincare system, an intricate hairdo, and paint on my face every single day. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even leave the house if I hadn’t done my COMPLETE routine, even if I was running super late.
It got so bad that I didn’t think I was beautiful without makeup.
So I stopped wearing it. I wouldn’t even let myself touch a tube of mascara until I could see myself as a beautiful person.
And it took a long time, but eventually it worked.
I was able to stop focusing on my flaws, or things that I felt needed to be covered up, and instead, I was able to embrace them. I became a stronger person because I knew that they made me unique and no one could ever use them against me, because I loved my flaws. Let me say that again:
I love my flaws. They’re what make me, ME. Quirks and all.
Now, you may be thinking that I’m approaching this backwards or that I’m telling you to never wear any makeup because it’s evil and it makes you feel bad about yourself.
Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup. I love experimenting with teal eyeliner and different smokey eyes, but there’s a point where “love” becomes “dependence”. Taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself are great things.
My point is that there is something wrong when a girl doesn’t think she’s beautiful.  
Because you ARE.  
My friends, you ARE beautiful. You are caring. You are talented. You are loved. You are SO much more than you think.
So stop letting others determine your worth.

Keep your chin up, hold your head high and be PROUD of who you are.

“You is kind, you is smart, you is IMPORTANT”.

Mischief Managed.


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  1. Anonymous1.5.12

    I love you beautiful girl :)

  2. Kynia, when I was at BYU (and about 19-20), I had a crazy bishop whose only focus was marriage marriage marriage. And the self esteem in that ward was horrible. I started to think something was wrong with me because I hadn't had any real relationships and surely I was going to be single forever. Then, he got released and we got a new bishop. His focus was on having a testimony, developing yourself - finding out who you truly are. It was amazing to see the shift in the feeling of the ward. My focus changed too, and when I was actually ready (because I wasn't at age 20) and when the time was right, I met my husband :) You are truly beautiful in every way- awesome post.

  3. You are fabulous...and it doesn't take a boy to tell you that, to make it true...except maybe your dad :). Love you babe!


  4. I've never worn makeup for the same reason, I felt I never wanted to cover my natural beauty. I only own a tube of mascara, and the one time I tried to wear it Josh said he didn't like it. I did wear makeup for our wedding, had a cousin do it to bring out my natural features, and Josh was speechless, but probably for more than the makeup. I know girls who are dependent on makeup, and I promise you you're on the right track. You are beautiful the way you are, and you'll find a man when the time is right.

  5. I loved reading this Kynia! I love you, and your beauty inside and out!!