A post so Grumpy, it could be a Dwarf.


Ello, the internet.
A few followers have brought to my attention the lack of inspiration in my blog as of late. Saying, “Oh my dear, I miss your inspirational posts! Are you going to write one soon? I need some inspiring words!” etc…
In all honesty…. I’ve tried. I really have truly tried to write what’s in my heart.
I just simply do not feel inspired right now. At all.
Let me explain…
Have you ever had a “people just keep on disappointing me and I’m frustrated at the entire human race” phase?
No? Oh…. Well yeah, I’m probably the only person who goes through these phases… and yeah, I’m currently in one. Actually, I’ve been in one for quite a while. It’s tragic, really.
Some days I feel like….


Shocking, right? Some days I even feel like…

I know. Sometimes I just get so grouchy!

Seriously though, I try and try to be a nice person, to be kind and uplifting to everyone around me, but I feel like it’s getting me nowhere. Girls who I’ve never even thought a mean word about, have nothing but mean words to say about me. And boys…. Boys, oh boys… What’s on the inside is much more important than what’s on the outside, but perhaps they haven’t figured that out yet? … [I feel like this should be a separate post… stay tuned…]
In short, the people who I think the world of and would die for, are quick to forget me.

“People are naturally kind, generous, good, and have infinite potential.
Expect this of them and you support them in rising toward their best selves.
People are also selfish, afraid, jealous, insecure, judgmental, and closed minded.If you don't expect this of them, you're setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.”
-Shaun Roundy
Thank you, Shaun. I couldn’t’ve said it better myself. [Obviously.]

Now let me explain, there ARE people that I'm not grouchy about and do not apply to this post[and ironically enough, are reading this], and you know who you are.
And please, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get out of this funk, please let me know. [Wow…that’s a lot of “ands”…. And that’s besides the point.]

So here’s what I’ve learned, children.
Don’t be a people pleaser. Is it nice to be a nice person? Yes. Is it nice to help out other people? Yes. But should you break yourself in the process, knowing that they won’t even give you a sideways glance? Heck to the NO. Never compromise yourself and your happiness for someone else’s.
This is something that I’ve been doing for a while, thinking that the more I serve others, the happier I’ll be. The more I give of myself, the more I’ll receive in return.
Here’s the truth folks: the more you serve and help others, the more they realize that they can walk all over you and take you for granted. [So don’t let them.]
I’m done bending over backwards for people who won’t even blink for me.

[no Doctor Who reference intended]
In all seriousness, I am done being the “nice” girl, a.k.a. the one who you can talk crap about because she’ll just let it blow over, the one you can push all the homework onto because she won’t complain, the one you can rely on to bail you out of a situation you purposefully got yourself into, the one who you can tug around with a string because she’s that “desperate”... No, I’m sorry, she’s gone. What I mean is, I am done trying to please everyone, because I end up getting crushed in the process. I am done letting people walk all over me. Do I love making people happy? Yes, of course! But when I am used and discarded in the process, that’s when it becomes a problem.
Now, am I going to become cold and heartless like Maleficent, Pansy Parkinson or Kanye West? NO.
Heavens No.

The only thing that’s changing is my spine. [Get it, get it??]
I am still the same person, just much more assertive and confident in myself. I am still here for you. I will still fight off your enemies and lift you up whenever you fall down. I will wipe away your tears when no one else will. I will hug you tight when you’re out of bacon… You get the idea.
And above all, I still love you. But I will no longer let you treat me like dirt. Because I love myself, too.
Your pushing-around, tearing-down “victory” days are over. Go find another scratching post.

This is my “New Years Resolution”: to prioritize the people in my life. If you want to be a priority, then prove it. If you’re wondering if you’re a priority… you probably are.
Yes, I still have a heart; it’s just much more guarded now, so you can’t accidently squish it.

Mischief Managed.


***Afterthought: Feel free to watch this clip from one of my favourite movies of ALL-TIME: Cool Runnings. [****Does contain mild language]

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  1. I still love my German buddy! I haven't seen you in forever which is saddening! Things will get better :)

  2. I totally have those phases too Kynia! I love you!