In which I attempt to be a Poet...


Hello the internet!
Erm…. Yeah, I’ve been slacking again. In my defense, it was finals week, and if I wasn’t studying, I was sleeping. And now it’s summer! So you’ll be hearing from me a LOT more, you lucky kid.
All excuses aside, I’ve been working on something for a while now, about 5 months to be exact… a poem of sorts. I realize it’s not perfect—nor does it rhyme in most places—but I’m quite proud of what it is so far, and thought I’d share it with you.
Just to warn you, it’s a bit different than anything else I’ve written before. I admit, it’s a bit depressing.. But, alas, this is how I’ve chosen to say goodbye to things that have been eating at my insides. Please do not be concerned for me, I am quite happy, happier than I’ve been in a while, so please just read this with an open mind and know that, whatever you may be going through, there is hope. And it will get better.

Life is like a mountain,
Cold, hard and true,
You climb with me,
And I climb with you.
Our sweat mixes with the tears,
Why must this be so hard?
Though our blisters may bleed,
We’ll earn a great reward.
If we just push, and sweat and burn,
Our endurance will see us through.
Though we’re torn, worn and tired,
We’ll be as good as new.

What hurts the worst?

Don’t give up! I shout,
(I’m the leader of the pack),
But you’re so cold, and you’re too weak,
that when I glance back,
I see, that alone, you’ll fall.

I grasp your hand and pull you up,
And push you high above,
I give you strength, I give you hope,
I give you support and love.
Up you go, to soar new heights,
Never to return.

I am forgotten.

You never look back.
And you only pause to yell spiteful words of hate.
To call me names,
To place the blame,
And with your words come wounds.

But I try not to listen,
I try to be strong.
I try to push through
the mud and the tears and the rain.

What hurts the worst?

Look at how far you’ve come,
My heart is soaring for you.
I know I should be truly happy,
But I can’t seem to heal.
The rain is falling,
The sky is black,
And I’m too cold to feel.

I’ve been there for you,
Why can’t you be there for me?
I keep hoping,
That through the rain I’ll see,
Your kind hand reaching out to me.

What hurts the worst?

But, alas, you never come.
I didn’t expect you to.
But if you won’t fight for me,
Why should I fight for you?

I lift you up, give you strength to move,
and then I fade away…
But that’s what you want?

What hurts the worst?
The Truth.

So, go ahead. Blow your nose,
Wad me up and toss me.
but I’m not trash.
And I won’t be,
everything you say I am.

Will you let me fade away?
So be it.
This is my last goodbye.

I wish you success in all your future endeavors.
I wish you happiness that I could never give you.
I’m grateful for the pain you caused me,
For from this terrible struggle, I have discovered
What not to be.

And it’s made me who I am.
And no, I am not perfect.
Nor am I ever going to be.
But I’ve emerged a changed person,
And I’m starting to feel free.

A dove lands on my shoulder, and whispers to me “Hope.”
“Dream, Kynia. And Live.”

And I begin again.

This is my climb, this is my time,
And you’re not in it.

Life is like a mountain,
Cold, hard and true,
And remember, child,
There’s happiness in store for you.
Can you see it, child? There’s a light on that horizon.
The clouds are parting just for you,
Don’t give up, and never lose sight.
To who you are, be true.
Remember, child,
That we must go through storms to see the sun,
And even though your heart is aching,
Remember: life goes on.

What hurts the worst?
Letting go.


Sometimes terrible things happen that blow your world apart. And it’s hard, but you can get right back on track and better things can happen.

Anything can happen, if you let it.

Mischief Managed.


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  1. Awesome...Loved it!

  2. That is really good! Don't give goes on. LOVE it!

  3. Anonymous28.4.11

    I'm going to print of YOUR blog and keep it with me everywhere I go! That was magnificent poetry, and very magical ;)

  4. Anonymous17.5.11

    <3 love. love is the only word to describe your blog <3