We are the Makers of Dreams, the Dreamers of Dreams.


Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Dreamer. And if you didn’t know that, well, hey guess what? I am a dreamer.
And I am going crazy.
[Either that, or I drink WAY too much caffeine before bed… which could easily be the case.
Curse that Mountain Dew.]

Recently, I’ve been having incredibly vivid dreams. Every night.

Now, some of these dreams are random poppycock [we all get those] but others, like the one I’m going to share with you now, have an excellent meaning. I am one that believes in my dreams, and I listen to what they have to tell me.

The Time Machine Dream…

It starts off introducing Tornado [my sister] and I. We are all grown up; she’s about 18 and I’m still 18, of course. We’re tinkering with a project in our basement; something that looks suspiciously like the Tardis from Dr. Who.
We’ve invented a time machine.
But it’s not your typical time-machine; instead of sending you to where/when you want, it sends you to where you’re needed the most. You would emerge in whatever time period it had chosen and had to discover your destined plan of action. In this way, our adult-selves hope to change history for the better.
Trial run: we decide to test this contraption. But, being the older sister, I don’t want my sister to be in danger, should something go wrong. I decide to fly solo and step in the mysterious blue box. I press some buttons and emerge in a past memory…
[Schema: When my sister was 7 or so, an accident caused a Christmas decoration to fall and break on her head. As a result, she had to get stitches, and it was a rather depressing day. It was in this memory that I arrived…] I barged in plenty of time to catch the object before it landed on her head. My mother was weirded-out but I left just as quickly as I came.
When I arrived back in the basement, I was excited and told Tornado all of what I had accomplished. She was confused because she remembered no such memory of having to get stitches…
Excited, we both hopped in the Tardis and took off; this time emerging in Germany during the great World War 2. We quickly surmised that our mission must be to smuggle east-Berliners into the “safe haven” of West Berlin. Using my German skills, we were able to relocate and unite several families. Finally, when the situation got too close for our comfort, we hopped in our Tardis and arrived safely home. Exhausted, we rested for a day, then loaded back in.
This time, to our surprise we were sent forward into the future. We arrived at a cottage, with 2 wrinkly white- haired older women sitting on rockers. Upon inquiry, we discovered that we were indeed meeting our future selves.
[Schema: In the “present day” dream character of myself, I am battling some personal struggles… much like I am right now as I type this in real life. It is this part of the dream that is the most profound to me.]
Puzzled, I wondered why we would be sent to ourselves. So, I asked the question, “What has life taught you, Kynia?” My older-self paused, then looked me straight in the eye and said, “Everything I’ve learned about life I can sum up in three words: it goes on.” Misty-eyed, I thanked myself. And we turned to head back home.


I know I had this dream for a reason, and I hope that those of you wonderful people who are reading this will take something away from it as well. These words of advice, if only from a dream, will stay with me forever.

Mischief Managed.


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  1. Kynia, you could be a writer if you really wanted to. Keep the dream posts coming (or any other posts for that matter). :)

  2. can I have some of that same caffeine you are drinking?