i got these from the freezer, and i put em on my plate.


I apologize for my brief leave of absence, life caught up with me. I assure you, it will probably happen again.
At any rate, I share with you today a lovely poem that my lovely little sister wrote.
Your welcome.

Ode to Waffles™
By Tornado

Your crispy brown squares
All lined in a row,
The sprinkled white sugar
Is like powdered snow.
A warm, fluffy center,
And crunchy- edged sides,
In every bite,
Happiness hides.
Your sticky, sweet syrup
Cascades on my plate.
Your smell’s like anticipation
On Christmas Day.
My favorite sound is the “DING!” of the clock,
Even though my family may mock.
Filled to the brim with smooth, melted spread,
This golden waffle will keep me fed.
Till the end of my days,
I will love this treat.
And I say to myself:
“Bon App├ętit”.


Mischief Managed


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  1. That is BRILLIANT!!! I want waffles now :)

  2. seriously... makes my mouth water every time i read it!!

  3. I'm with both of you there!!! I want waffles SOO bad now!! :P Your sister is brilliant. She creates waffle taste in my mouth just with words!!

  4. It's a really great poem by Tornado, but I hate waffles :(